BonerFilter: I'm 30 years old and I've got a pecker problem.
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BonerFilter: I'm 30 years old and I've got a pecker problem.

Alright so I've been having some ED problems and wanted to try medication for it. I havent spoken to my doctor yet because it's embarrasing, but i will. What works the best out of curiosity? Viagra, Cialis, etc? Also, is there really a difference between the real and generic brands? I've also heard of kamagra and have seen it online in jelly form. Anyone tried it? Should I trust internet sites? Lastly, is it possible to develop a resistance to it?
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There is also diet, exercise and relaxation. They work wonders.
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The pills definitely work.
Ask your doc. I'm sure he'll have some samples to throw your way.
Word of warning...This stuff ain't cheap. And many insurance plans won't cover it. Viagra, for instance, can cost upward of $10 per pill. That's an expensive boner.
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By the way, I wasn't trying to be an arse, I too started having some problems at around 30. Changed my diet, exercised more and relaxed more and things got much better. Erection issues was just a symptom of my lifestyle, which needed changing for my general health. Much better solution than popping pills. Also I felt and looked better so it gave me more opportunity to test out the functionality.
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If by trusting the Internet sites you mean the spammers, it is easy to make a huge profit substituting in placebos.

I would knuckle down and go to your doctor. Have a basic physical check up to make sure there is something deeper causing it.

No resistance develops to the Viagra class of drugs. They work for 85% of cases, in other words, not quite for everybody.

Which is best? I don't think there's a clear winner among them. One works longer than others -- that's not longer erection time, but rather a longer time after taking the pill in which it will help an erection.

Even the differences in the side effects between them are mostly minor. (They try to advertise the differences as being bigger than they are.)

So, I'd suggest Viagra. If you have the lifestyle that you would want the drug to be in your system for anytime over the next 48 hours, go with Cialis.
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Firstly, you should get to a doctor. Secondly, you should get to a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction in a 30 year-old could be a sign of something more serious. It can often be a psychological issue as well.
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Urologists say that the penis is the window to the heart - E.D. is often co-morbid with heart troubles.
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I'd like to second gramcracker saying "Get to a doctor." A close friend was going to several specialists for other problems, and it was the ED that tied it together--he had the normal testosterone levels of a man 2-3 times his age (problems started at around age 28-29, diagnosed at age 31). The hormonal imbalance caused him migraines (for the same reason some women get them at "that time of month"--low testosterone levels lead to high estrogen levels) and various symptoms generally associated with advanced age. ED can be a symptom of any of several physical problems, some quite serious.
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Also, just to specifically address your question about generics: the approved ED drugs (Cialis, Viagra, Levitra) are not available as generics. Any purported generic will either be a placebo or some unknown active substance.
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I went through the same thing recently. Having been divorced about a year, I had a REALLY hard time getting it up with another woman. I started to worry that it was physical and tried L-Arginine, which did actually work. Then I had a relapse with the Ex, and discovered it wasn't physical at all - it was completely mental.

In light of that discovery, I agree with everything everyone else is saying: Exercise, positive mental state, right woman. Learning not to psych myself out was a huge part of getting reaquainted with my dick outside what had been the major sexual relationship of my life, and it takes time and the right lady to help make that happen. Trying to get it up for every drunk one night stand is only going to hurt your confidence, in my experience.

Also, check this thread

for some more info on supplements.

Good luck.
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If you go to a doctor--and you should--he will make sure your blood pressure is ok before writing script. ten bucks for sex is a bargain these days! Cialis gets where you want to go early on and stay; Viagra needs to be taken and used about an hour before so there is a time concern there. I would not trust stuff on Net! Lots of good advice already given you about relaxing, working out, diet etc--take it. Don't feel uptight about seeing a doctor.
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As far as being too embarassed to go to the doctor, consider this: the doctor is probably seeing 20 guys a day with exactly the same condition. Do you think it's going to phase him to see one more? Ditto the nurses and receptionist. It's passe for them. Don't sweat it, you're just another patient to them. They don't care.
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Half a cialis does wonders. At that age, it most likely is psychological, however. And the more you think about it, the worse the problem becomes.

This may rub some the wrong way, but try mixing things up a bit. If, until now, you've been the very giving type of lover, try being a selfish one a couple of times -- just get what you want, right to the point. This will help minimize the amount of time spent on psyching yourself out.
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There are a wide variety of reasons that can cause a 30-year-old man to have ED; some are psychological and some are physical.
The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor.
Here's Why:

Your doctor will have, or will be able to get from you, your family's history and your own medical history, which might be more informative than you realize.
Sometimes it's something simple like a minor latex reaction, sometimes it's something complex like not liking your job, and sometimes it's a symptom of an otherwise unobservable physical ailment.
If it's psychological, just talking about it with a neutral person (like your doctor) might help you discover the reason for it. And your doctor will know the right questions to ask.

The other good reason to talk to a doctor is that it's likely that he/she will give you a prescription for something to try in the short-term, while you work out the actual cause, and the prescription will be for something that actually works.

Lastly, if you haven't already discussed this with your significant other, I recommend it. Taking a pill and then thinking to yourself "Oh, god if this doesn't work, THEN what?" can ratchet up the performance anxiety like crazy and can make you feel even more alone. It can be more fun to work as a team to 'run experiments' and 'practice' with the dosage and timing.
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Urologists say that the penis is the window to the heart - E.D. is often co-morbid with heart troubles.

When Viagra first came on the scene a number of years ago, I read that it was actually the outgrowth of research into a drug to treat angina, blood pressure, or some other coronary related condition. Something about that here
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"Also, just to specifically address your question about generics: the approved ED drugs (Cialis, Viagra, Levitra) are not available as generics. Any purported generic will either be a placebo or some unknown active substance."

They are not legally available as generics here, but in india, seychelles, mexico, prc, the same compounds are manufactured and sold. I can speak from experience: I realize that there is a psychological aspect to taking a little blue/yellow pill, but there was a physiological response with my generic which was unmistakable. Other friends of mine have agreed. I may even run a LCMS on the samples I received if I'm feeling brave!

I recommend these guys, if you want to buy cheap:

I just received some 'seyalis' which acts just fine thankyuo.

BTW IANAD. And go and see a doctor!
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