An encrypted postcard?
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Is this message written in code, or is it some kind of script?
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That’s cursive Hebrew; I can give you a transliteration when I’m not on my phone.
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Looks like Hebrew script to me
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(Also Camp Unity was a progressive Jewish summer camp, so Hebrew checks out.)
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(Actually looking at it more closely I suspect it’s Yiddish - Yiddish is written in the same alphabet as Hebrew, but the letter distributions and combinations are different. I can’t quite make out the handwriting, so I can’t tell for sure. It would also make sense for the time and place)
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It's Yiddish, which linguistically is completely unrelated to Hebrew. Same alphabet (in both printed and written script forms) as Hebrew, but it is clearly Yiddish as there are double vavs and double yuds, neither of which occur in Hebrew. The picture is too fuzzy for me to see clearly enough to provide a translation, sorry. All I got was the third line beginning [transliteration] "meyn hartz", meaning "my heart."
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