Best way to clear apt quickly, or, why didn't I buy Kondo's book sooner?
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The movers have come and gone, and I'd like to finish this up fairly quickly.

I have boxes of books a friend is coming for tomorrow, a pile of other items that I am calling up a throft/charity place to come get, and a few items for the kids (one needs art for her walls and I have so much art it leaned up against the walls the entire time I lived here).

Left are lots of things that are not enough for a rented dumpster but probably too much to garbage bag up and throw away. I can continue to sort some of it into the thrift pile but really want to jettison it all (do they make half- or quarter- size dumpster?)

I did a good job culling, sorting, shoveling, tossing, and packing, but I'm about over that. I just have a lot more stuff than I thought I did and want to get it all out NOW.
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Here in Toronto, we have 1-800-got/junk and they offer same-day service. If you have the budget and there’s similar near you, that might be a solution for you. Good luck with the move!
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Best answer: If you're in the U.S., your local Home Depot may offer bagster, which is a big (600 gallons) strong bag that you can fill with $trash and then they haul it away. It's $30 and sounds like the right size.
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Response by poster: Freaking brilliant. I texted mi madre to stop at Lowe's and grab one on her way over. Wish everything was solved so easily!
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Just two additional points for you or others finding this question later:

Make sure they service your zip code at the Bagster website. (I'm assuming if they sell it at your Home Depot/Lowes they do service your zip code, but better to be safe.)

And there's an additional fee for pickup. (depends on your area but around ~$130 for the first bag, cheaper for additional ones picked up at the same time.)
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I have gotten some great stuff out of bagster bags before. Including a kindle -- I had to check to make sure that wasn't a mistake!

If you post your trash to the free section of craigslist, people will rummage through it and divert some stuff from the dump.
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