Can you figure out what video card this is?
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I can't identify this video card. Help! Windows 2000 won't autodetect it, and I can't find any markings on it to help me figure out what it is so I can install the proper drivers. The only clue is the ATI logo. Two pictures: Front, Back. (big jpgs)
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Best answer: The RV6P suggests it's an ATI Radeon 7000.
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Yup, it's a Radeon 7000 (pic from here).
Drivers here.
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Response by poster: If this works i'm gonna be really really happy. I'm about ready to chuck this computer in a lake. :D
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Response by poster: it works!
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Next time this happens to you, you can identify the chipset (and hence locate the appropriate driver) without even taking the card out of the machine.

Open the device manager, and locate the card; it will show up with a yellow question mark next to a generic name (in your case, I'd expect the generic name to be something like "VGA-compatible display controller" but this procedure works for any kind of card).

Double-click the device to bring up its property sheet, then select the Details tab. You'll see a dropdown menu with "Device instance ID" selected, and a string of gibberish underneath that will start with something like


Note the Vendor ID (1002 in this case) and the Device ID (5654 in this case), then go look up the chipset on this site.
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Or run the Belarc Advisor which does that for you automatically
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