Social security application stalled - normal? what's going on?
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In November I submitted, for the first time, the online application to activate social security. My 70th birthday is in March. This is for income based social security not disability. With only 6 weeks or so to go, the application is stalled in pending state. Problem? Should I do something?

When I log in to my social security account the current status shows as "Benefit Application Pending, We are reviewing your Retirement benefit application. A Social Security Representative may contact you directly if we need any additional documents or information."

That has been the status without change since one week after I submitted the application in November. I know they have my correct email address since I received an acknowledgment for the original application.

Is it normal that I have not heard from them since and that the status has not progressed beyond "pending?" Ideas, personal experience, next steps?

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You can call the 1800 number or go to your local office to find out more information.

The people on the line are generally helpful.

These things take time and can vary state to state.
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I don't know about the long wait for an online application but I found the people at my local office very helpful. It's worth seeing them in person. Bring a book.
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Both this and this are from the last week. Apparently they just want everything to move really slow.
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Nthing the advice to visit an office if there is one anywhere near you. The office near me has a line of 10+ people by the time they open at 8:30 a.m. They issue numbers
on a first come, first served basis. Later in the day, they figure out how many more people they can help and advise others with higher numbers to come back on a different day.

Once you are able to talk with a real person they are very helpful. Do be extra nice. This is a difficult job at the best of times.

I am almost 64 and work is scarce these days for older people in business software consulting. I wonder if I will actually get to file for my social security. I wish my health insurance wasn't $1100 a month while I wait to turn 65.
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Thanks very much everyone. I will contact them directly and see what happens.
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Final report on this. Called local office. The nice lady said it was normal and nothing to worry about that the status is still pending given that the first payment would not occur until April. 45 minute wait on the phone but very polite interaction once I got through.
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