Looking for examples of awesome-looking social content.
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Looking for links/examples of your favorite consumer-focused companies/brands that have consistently great looking and engaging social channels.

I’m a visual designer presenting to a content team (mostly digital/social media) in my company who are top notch but don’t have any design resources.

As part of what I’m sharing, I’m looking for examples of consumer brands that do a great job of making their social channels look amazing, and are consistently compelling. I’ve built up a few examples, but I’d love to hear of any MeFi favorites. Thanks!
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I'm not sure if you'd say it LOOKS amazing, but take a look at the Tumblr account for Denny's. Yes, that Denny's. They appear to have hired someone who understands Tumblr culture and to be allowing them to engage with it in a manner that seems very authentic, with the result that posts from that account frequently end up circulating all around the site. I'm pretty sure that the Tumblr audience wouldn't otherwise be in the market for a Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n' Fruity, but Denny's gets all kinds of mentions because of the quality of their engagement on that site in particular.
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oh! And for marketing email material that is consistently engaging because it speaks with the genuine voice of the business owner, look at Saddleback Leather and Penzeys Spices. http://www.saddlebackleather.com and https://www.penzeys.com/.
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The answer that comes to mind here is: how long is a piece of string. The vastness and depth of social knows no limits so picking out the best is a fools errand. That said, there are all sorts of stats and articles detailing social standouts and strategies. I used to work in the space and social bakers has lists of the top accounts by country and sector - if you take performance to be a sign that they’re compelling. But you could also google ‘best [looking] social accounts’ and I’m sure you’d find plenty of examples of amazing examples. Sorry to dodge the question but I get the sense you’re looking for a design aesthetic but that’s not how I personally choose who to follow.
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