What are you favorite satisfying activities or habits?
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I have a short list of activities that I find very satisfying and oddly pleasing (hard to resist, in fact), such as cleaning out my ears with a q-tip (not so good), scrubbing out a kitchen sink until it’s spotless (great!), or kicking snow chunks off car tires (fine to do on your own car, not so much on others’). Please share yours; I’d love to hear new ideas for oddly satisfying activities (bonus points for tasks that are useful in some way!)
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Stepping on crunchy leaves
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I like shredding paper. So I keep all my old bills, medical documents, anything with my address on it in a special bin so I can sit down once a month or so with my office shredder and reduce them to confetti.
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Filling gouges in ski bases with melted PTEX
Waxing surfboards
Peeling carrots
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Best answer: Organizing books.
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Best answer: Cracking thin layers of ice.
Knocking snow off of fence posts.
Breaking off icicles. (Wow winter is great for these things!)
Pulling the hardened layer of fat off of homemade stock in one piece.
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Dicing vegetables
Dusting when it’s easy (before it’s caked on)
Collecting can tabs for recycling
Regular foot care - pumice, lotion/Vaseline then socks, again if this gets out of hand then it’s not fun/satisfying and moves into the realm of a chore
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Here's a totally weird one. I have a hairless cat who needs a weekly bath. It is an amazingly satisfying thing, to take my grubby brownish monster and get him all pink again with warm water and pet shampoo. He likes it too, to a point.
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clipping my toenails
peeling oranges in one piece
brushing enough hair off my dog to make another dog
shaving with a new razor after letting it grow for a couple of days
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Sorting a pack of playing cards into order.
Getting good quality saucepan sparkling clean.
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Disassembling and cleaning the vacuum cleaner. I have a electric air duster (essentially, endless compressed air) and with a bagless vac (never again!), it really can clean things up nicely.

Same for disassembling and cleaning a fan's blades.

Organizing my downloads folder
Creating the perfect playlist (bonus points if it's a gift for someone else)
Scrubbing my inbox of newsletters I no longer want by unsubscribing
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Best answer: Organising my music in iTunes (ensuring each song is correctly labelled with the album, date, and genre; eliminating duplicates).
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Best answer: Take those q-tips and get them wet and clean all the places in your kitchen and bathroom where there are sharp angles - around the faucet base, around the sink drains, around the LED displays and knobs on the stove, etc. It's wonderfully disgusting the shit that accumulates there.
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Best answer: Cleaning stretchy acrylic paint off a palette.
Pulling all the keys off a keyboard, blasting all the crud out, and putting the keys back on.
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Polishing silver!
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Best answer: Splitting wood. When you get a nice straight-grained log and it splits perfectly with minimal effort it's the most satisfying thing in the world.
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Best answer: Scooping the cat litter box, especially when everything clumps nicely. It feels like a weird treasure hunt.
Pulling the hair out of the bath tub drain.
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Cleaning dryer lint out of the lint trap.

Pouring water in a cast iron skillet while it's still hot, so it goes FSHHHHH and loosens any crud you need to scrape out of it before you rinse it and put it on a warm burner to dry.
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Pulling the stickers off the back of books

When I was in high school and chatting with friends on the phone I would let Elmer's glue dry on my hand and then peel it off.
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I like using a old, i.e. slightly dull, razor blade to scrape hard crud off the stove and countertops. If you enjoy peeling paint or glue off of things, this becomes a more rewarding exercise than boring old spongework.
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Power-washing cement (or pretty much anything power-washable).
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Peeling that weird stickum stuff that comes on the back of credit cards when they're mailed to you
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Stomping on acorns.
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Finding and clearing the sewer grate by my house of ice and snow during a melt. Prevents a lake from developing on my driveway.
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Best answer: I actually love doing laundry and then putting everything away in its place—productive and so satisfying to have so many possibilities when all the clothes are clean.
I also love organizing files and purging what has become outdated and unnecessary.
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Best answer: Rubbing the bottom right-hand corner of my Kindle case while I'm reading it. It's quite shiny now.

Also, you might like to know that the people in my office refer to those snow chunks on car tires as "snow boogers."
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Turning all the labels on products on the shelf to face forward. Like canned soups on the shelf at a store.
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Using a zip-it to pull hair clogs from your shower drain.
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Walking. In nature, in my neighborhood, or in a circle around my pool.
Stacking my books in descending order, from tallest to shortest.
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Best answer: I find home maintenance tasks with mindless, repetitive motion to be very relaxing. Luckily, there are plenty of options. Plus, I can put something on the television and it doesn't feel like wasting time.

-Knife sharpening (by hand, with a whetstone)
-Shoe shining (I have a lot of dress shoes that I'm really picky about)
-Filling dumplings?
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Best answer: Sucking up dust bunnies with the vacuum cleaner
Trashing stuff on my computer (love the sound it makes)
Getting rid of the smelly stuff that builds under your toenails
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Best answer: No one's mentioned popping bubblewrap???

Cleaning the gunk out of the crevices in my glasses. When I was a kid, I used to use an Exacto to do it (!!!).
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We use rocks instead of mulch in our flower garden as a weed deterrent. It is very satisfying every spring to weed out the winter's weeds/dead leaves/dirt, shift the rocks back to the top of the dirt, and plant beautiful new flowers in straight little lines. Even better if you split it into two days, so that you can spend part of the time staring satisfied at the change between the winter's detritus and the spring's beauty.

-balancing a bank account to the penny
-work related: reconciling spreadsheets
-work related: authority files for metadata

These all tick the same satisfying weird little organizational part of my brain.
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Polishing copper pots and pans.

Using personal care products to completion and discarding/recycling the empty. (opposite of satisfying: my husband has a giant clear growler in which he has been SAVING his empty chapstick tubes for a decade ::shudders::)

Consolidating half-full containers of the same stuff into one container and discarding/recycling the rest.

Consolidating inbox noise using Unroll.me
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Categorizing transactions
Cleaning wax off a menorah
Detailing the inside of a car
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Oiling cutting boards
Cleaning earbuds
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Refilling the hand soap dispensers in our bathrooms
Restocking cupboards with extra paper towels and TP from the Costco stash
Cleaning door knobs/handles and the door right around them
Vacuuming the stairs
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Untangling necklaces that have gotten tangled up in each other.
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I categorize the examples in your question as "de-crudding," and I find them much more satisfying than regular cleaning tasks because I'm removing a big layer of built-up crud without much effort. Here are mine:

- Dusting, especially forgotten areas like the tops of door frames.
- Cleaning hair out of hairbrushes.
- Vacuuming with a bagless vacuum and then emptying the collected dust and crud into the trash. (If you have the budget for a Roomba, you can schedule it to run daily and come home to a ready-made chamber of dust to dump, plus periodically cleaning the brushes is its own de-crudding ritual.)
- Cleaning a scuzzy tub: mix up a bowl of 1:1 dish soap and vinegar, soak a bunch of paper towels in the mixture, and splop the soaked paper towels on the tub walls. Leave them for a couple hours (open a window because your bathroom will reek of vinegar). When you come back, the crud will wipe off super easily.
- Clipping my cats' claws (this is considerably less satisfying for the cats).

You might also really like these exfoliating washcloths. Once a week, take a long shower or soak in a bath, and then wet a cloth and start scrubbing your arms and legs. After a little while, little gray bits of dead skin start to come off. I don't always get gray bits, but when I do it's great.

I miss degaussing.
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Best answer: Sharpening all the pencils in the house.
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Shuffling playing cards over and over.
Seconding splitting wood. I use an electric splitter and the quiet "shook" sound that a knotless split makes has me making kindling just to do it over and over.
Scraping or peeling glue or dried paint.

And, working as a nurse, I used to secretly love the feeling of satisfaction I got in suctioning a big glob of mucus out of an endotracheal tube.
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Best answer: Taking bags of stuff to Goodwill.
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Sorting beads.
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Pulling the tape off after painting walls.
Pinching back and deadheading the garden in the spring, unfortunately becomes less delightful as the summer wears on, by mid-August I'm lucky if I'm still watering
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A neatly lettered crossword puzzle completed without needing help to solve any of the clues.
Creating a new photo shuffle to put on my photo frame.
Cleaning my sterling silver jewelry and making it shiny.
Chopping branches off the ligustrum in my backyard.
Seeing a new bird species in my backyard.
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i can't believe no-one's posted r/oddlysatisfying

warning: gif-sink!
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I really enjoy shredding paper drink coasters (the kind you get in bars or restaurants that have advertising on them) with my fingernails. I also like organizing my clothes (I pick out all my outfits for the week on Sunday night), sharpening pencils, refilling the ink in my fountain pens, organizing my tea bags, stomping on cherries or crab-apples that fall on the ground, putting away groceries and organizing the fridge, and pushing buttons on things (like the DVD player, the coffee pot, the microwave, the Sonos, etc.).
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Best answer: Stepping on iced lawns like cracking creme brulee
Highlighting long passages with a really juicy beautifully bright highlighter
Refilling canisters with dry goods from the bulk bin
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Ironing! Especially something without a lot of nooks and crannies, like a cloth napkin or tablecloth.
Sooooo smooooooth....
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Winding yarn into balls. (My friends keep helpfully offering me their swifts and winders. Nuh-uh!!!)
Kneading bread dough.
Rolling out tortillas.
Alphabetizing a stack of papers.
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Stuffing envelopes.
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Peeling apples in one long, continuous peel. Segmenting stone fruit like peaches into neat slices with little mess.
Picking at loose skin (my cuticles hate me), ingrown hairs, or other weird skin things. Related: plucking odd random hairs in places I do not want them, usually my chin.
Brushing another cat's worth of fur off my cat.
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Pulling the foil away from the waxed paper of a gum wrapper all in one complete piece!

Using products up and feeling more moisturized, Greek spiced, vitamin fortified, cleaner floored, what have you.

Using a pen with a clear cylinder of visible ink over time and watching the ink go down, down, down past the metal tip until you have used it completely dry. More words written! (If you lose the pen before you finish, you are crushed. Crushed.)
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Best answer: flossing
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using a sheet of paper or some fabric as a wick, and ironing the wick, and removing wax stains.
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Pealing the thin transparent film off new electronics
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Oh! Punching out the pieces/cards/counters from their cardboard frames when you get a new board game.
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I came in to mention /r/oddlysatisfying as well :)

I also recommend r/interestingasfuck


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Entering receipts into my transaction register, adding them up without a calculator, then checking them with the calculator.
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Magic Erasering, especially on things like light switch plates where it's reeeeally effective!
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Best answer: Pulling weeds, preferably when they're just tiny sprouts and don't fight back. I probably uprooted 5,000 morning glory sprouts from my garden last year. (Sometimes 25 in one handful.)
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Oh my god I live for this stuff.

Shoveling snow.

Sanding and staining my front stairs.

Using a log splitter. My husband and I fight over it.

When I worked in long term care I would have all interested residents line up after supper and do manicures. Sooo satisfying.

Searching my scalp for the rogue coarse hair, plucking it out and sending a picture to my sister (too weird?)

Brushing and flossing my teeth.

YES using a pressure washer.

Cleaning the shower with a magic eraser. If you have never used a magic eraser they were made for you buddy.

Using the self checkout at the grocery store and dumping all the change from my wallet in first, then paying the remainder with a card.
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anything involving glass and cleaning it and then being able to see things in laser focus - windshields, mirrors, windows, the grimy surface of my smartphone, computer monitors, oh my

popping the pop socket on the back of my phone

dumping out recycling into the bin

deleting all the video files on a flash drive after you've finished the season

rinsing soapy, almost clean dishes

poppin a nasty whitehead, especially if it's a juicy boi
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Best answer: Biore Strips.
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- using a razor to remove piling from clothes

- pruning (is this the word?) the dead branches off trees and bushes

- de-scuffing my suede boots

- taking stickers/price tags off things (why do people leave stickers on their laptops?under the keyboards??)

- sanding and oiling down the kitchen counter
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- using the magic eraser on the wall next to the dishwasher. So much crap on that wall.

- using a magic eraser until it's all puckered and falling apart--bonus if it happens in a single use because I am cleaning so much.

- rubbing my eyebrows the wrong way, smoothing them back, then pulling out rogue hairs with my fingers. I then make a little pile of brow hairs and marvel at them before throwing them away.

- plucking the dead leaves from my plants

- using CLR on the shower faucet (which gets really calcified)

- weaving in ends on my crochet projects. I HAAATE doing it but it's very satisfying at the end when everything is nice and non-thready.

- removing the pins from a freshly blocked shawl
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-Crossing things out on my to-do list with a big Sharpie.
-Getting cat hair off of things with a lint roller.
-Using my really sharp cuticle trimmer.
-Brushing snow off my car.
-Actually using coupons before they expire.
-Filling the birdfeeder.
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Response by poster: Oh maaaaan! It's very satisfying (heh) to find out that I'm not the only one who enjoys these small moments in life. Thanks so much for sharing!

(I'm reminded that pulling dead leaves off plants is sooo good. Same with weeding a garden. There's something about getting rid of unnecessary stuff that just feels so great.)
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I smile and make the tiniest noises at random dogs I meet. If they react and if their human smiles as well, that's immensely satisfying.
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Removing all read and never-going-to-read samples from my Kindle.
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Best answer: Time consuming, but I got into Korean-style multi-step face cleansing, and I actually enjoy it.

Nthing taking a can of compressed air and a brush to my keyboard.

Updating all of the programs on my computer.

Taking a shower and then changing the sheets on my bed for the best possible sleep.
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"Peeling a Pommelo grapefruit," she said, pithily.
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Vacuuming crumbs from the inside of the couch with the upholstery wand attachment thing

Sliding books into the self check-in machine at the library
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Removing the price tags completely from surplus library book acquisitions using a razor blade.
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