Lasik eye surgery - Slightly blurred vision after makeup
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Did any of you experience slightly blurred vision after removing makeup one week after Lasik? Is this normal or should I be concerned?

I had Lasik last week on Monday. During the follow-up visit on Wednesday they found a tiny microfibre (or something like that) in my left eye, and it was taken out the next day (part of the flap was briefly lifted and the fibre taken out). I know I need to be careful not to rub or poke the eyes for a few weeks after Lasik, but the doctors didn't say anything about eye makeup so I looked it up online and most people said they were allowed to use eye makeup one week after the surgery, some even as soon as 2 days after.

I had an important meeting at work this Tuesday (8 days post-surgery) so I figured it was safe to use eye makeup again. I applied and removed it super-carefully and I was cautious not to apply pressure or touch the eye at all. Today however I noticed that my vision seems to be worse than the day before - my left eye (the one with the fibre) doesn't see as well as the other and although I still see everything clearly, I can see that the vision in that eye is no longer flawless as it was the day before. My right eye also seems to have gotten a little bit worse than before.

I didn't realize that the left eye might need some extra time to heal as the flap was partly lifted again 3 days after the surgery. I am not sure if the slightly blurred vision is something to be concerned about and if I should schedule an appointment at the eye
clinic (and possibly get yelled at for applying eye makeup too soon?) or if this is normal and the vision will eventually improve again.

Anyone experienced something similar?
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Call your doctor and go back in to be seen.
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It's your vision. They're not going to yell at you and even if they did it's still YOUR EYEBALL YOU ONLY HAVE TWO. Call your doctor and ask.
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Response by poster: Thanks. Where I live it's already too late so I will call my doctor in the morning and we'll see (or not).
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Definitely call your eye surgeon's office. When I had mine done, my surgeon wanted to know about any and all weird-eye-feelings for at least 6 months (might have been a year?) and I went in to have him check things at least twice. It's a normal part of the follow up process and your surgeon wants to make sure his work is successful too, so you aren't bothering them. Keep your eyes safe!
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Response by poster: Short follow-up in case someone reads this in the future - my eyes are OK and the vision may become slightly blurry every now and then for a few weeks after the surgery. Generally it is safe to use eye makeup after a week but I was advised not to apply it for 10 more days.
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