What’s the best highly filter-able news app for iPhone?
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I want to know when it happens that Ursula k. Le Guin died, but not every time Trump tweets something offensive. What news app allows the best way to choose exactly what you care about?

General topic filters doesn’t really cut it.

Alternatively if there something that will only show up when multiple reputable news sources cover it that would be interesting too.
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I'm trialling inkl which has a generous month trial then a subscription model. The $15 in unlimited is split with the news sources revenue or a per article amount is paid. This is ethically and journalistically good although is like to be able to add more sources sometimes. You can set up keyword searches to customize the feed. Mine has almost no sport and a heavy Asian focus for example.

I did this because I found myself missing local news and refreshing headlines that were depressing or very country- centric, and having to hop around multiple sites.

With inkl, I read about 20 articles in full each morning over coffee, and skim headlines forthe rest. They send alerts for very major events - I got the US tsunami update and one about the volcano nearby, otherwise just a daily notification of headlines. It's really nicely done.

Hit post - it's given me back a good 30 min a day and I don't skim news sites because I'm getting long solid news articles regularly, not click bait. Also they have a section just called Good News which has mostly optimistic news like yay asteroid won't kill us all, polar bears are surviving. Quite pleasant.
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I do this with the Feedly app(which is great on iPhone) and a careful list of rss feeds from news orgs the The Guardian, certain NYTimes sections etc...
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