Feedly Disaster!
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Halp! I was organizing my Feedly Feeds and somehow managed to delete all of them. Of course I can't remember what I used to read. Maybe you can help...and maybe find me some new feeds to read?

I guess it was about time to update my feeds anyway. Here are the main categories that I read. Any suggestions welcome!

GENERAL ESSAYS AND ARTICLES: I used to read the Hairpin and the Awl, so I guess I should replace them. I like shortish articles, essays, fiction, etc...nothing too political or too long (so no Longreads, obvs). Thoughtful articles that can be read during a 5-minute work break. I recently added Catapult but haven't read enough of their articles to make a yay or nay judgment.

FRUGALITY, MINIMALISM, FINANCE, EARLY RETIREMENT: This is the Mr. Money Mustache category without Mr. Money Mustache. He's too preachy for me. Plus, Elly Vortex can't stand it when people constantly refer to themselves in the third person. The only person who can do that is Miss Manners. Anyway, in this category I have remembered and added back "Our Next Life", "Frugalwoods", and "The Simple Dollar".

GARDENING: I don't remember a single one of the 10 or so blogs I used to read. They were all about fruit and veg gardening, most were focused on the upper midwest or Minnesota. There was a good deal about planning, planting, growing, harvesting, canning...any suggestions or ideas would be very welcome!

FITNESS, PARTICULARLY RUNNING: This one saddens me the most because it was fairly recently that I found and added a few blogs of women runners who were a) normal people who ran, not professional marathoners or whatever b) not constantly posting about gadgets and gizmos c) down-to-earth, good essayists and fun to read d) not pushing any particular diet or agenda. I tried searching for these blogs and keep coming up with "Vegan Marathoning with Kimmie" or "Mommies on the Run!". I think that one had several women writing articles for it, they were all at different points in their running. Like, one was working on her first marathon and another was working on Couch to 5k. They were friends and cheered each other on at races. I've been racking my brain but just can't find it.

I'm also interested in blogs/sources for fitness/running that would fit into the above categories (normal people, no gadget obsession, down-to-earth good essayists, no diets or agendas). I'm all for having aspirational reads, but I just don't see myself in blogs written by super swole people or celebrity fitness folks.

GRAB BAG: Hey, do you have a favorite blog? What's it about? Do you think everyone should know about it? Do tell.

Thanks, folks. And have no fear, I added the Metafilters back right away. THOSE I remembered.
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In category #1, bitches gotta eat and mimi smartypants are required reading.
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When was the last time Feedly exported your OPML feed? When I used Feedly, it was in conjunction with Dropbox so that any change I made to my subscribed feeds was backed up in a Dropbox folder.
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Seconding Mimi Smartypants—I love her.

I really like Ask A Manager—usually good advice for workplace issues, with the added bonus of helping me feel that my job/boss/coworkers etc aren’t NEARLY as crazy as most of the situations addressed!
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fitness/running blogs that fit your criteria:

She Can and She Did AKA #runselfierepeat AKA #sportsbrasquad
Living Well with Lauren She's a PT turned coach with an emphasis on yoga for runners. Her blog touches all aspects of her business and personal life as well as her own training challenges
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Stimeyland is written by a very real-person runner. It’s not entirely about running, but a fair amount of it is.

For general interest, I enjoy TYWKIWDBI - in fact I may have learned about it here.
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stannate's suggestion to check your dropbox is a good one. i just pulled mine up and the dropbox backup was in dropbox/apps/feedly vault/OPML backup and i have 223 OPML files going back to July 2014 in the folder.
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Fit is a Feminist Issue might fit your criteria for your fitness category?

Crappy Living is one of my most recent favourite blogs, some poetry, some essays. "This is a collection of essays on what living with two girls does to a slightly rubbish feminist."
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In addition to DropBox, maybe check in with Feedly support? Reverting your account to known prior state in the recent past seems like something they might be able to do.
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Definitely second Ask a Manager.

Running off the Reeses is a blog that I started following for running content (average runner who struggles with the motivation to get up off the couch and run). While she doesn't run as much, she is smart as hell, politically motivated in our hell-ish world, and posts about books, pop culture, movies, politics, etc. Her blog would fit into a couple of your categories
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Unfortunately, I don't have dropbox - and although I'm miffed to lose all of my feeds, I see this as a good opportunity to refresh them and find some new ones to follow.

Thanks for the suggestions, folks! A few of them have rung bells (I can't believe I forgot TYWKIWDBI!) and others are new to me but look promising. Thanks!
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