Creation myth or SF story where a child is the creator.
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I seem to remember a story where the beginning of the universe or life on earth is caused by a child playing with toys/building blocks of life.

It could well be one of the many Philip K. Dick theories about the Universe and life as we know it wherein the creator god is not the same as the ruler of the universe or somesuch. As I remember/envision it, the creator god had a mother who might be the Almighty Power Behind It All.

Does anyone know this story, the names of the gods involved or have I just created my own creation myth? (I doubt it as I'm not prone to having really original ideas ;-)
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Are you thinking of this particular Calvin and Hobbes strip?
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Kindergarten” by James E. Gunn?

(I came across it in an anthology edited by Isaac Asimov, “Young Extraterrestrials”.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for these answers!

The strip is close but not exactly what I'm thinking of. The kindergarten story is more like it but it's missing the "Mother as all-encompassing being" element.

At first I was sure it was some creation myth of an old religion but now I'm more and more convinced that it will be some Philip K. Dick theory. Either a short story or some theory buried in all the other ideas in for instance the Valis trilogy. I guess I'll have to start re-reading....
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