Recommendations for Production Calendar Software
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We are a small volunteer group with enough turn-over that we need something that helps someone walk in and see (for example) that this is Feb 1 and these are the tasks that need to be completed for our newsletter to go out May 1.

We don't need the complexity of manufacturing-level software but that's what my search results tend to return. We've also considered a wiki but that doesn't look like it would give the at-a-glance overview we want. I am looking for recommendations from actual users.
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Have you looked at project management tools like Trello and Asana? Those might get you in the right direction. Will there be someone (or someones) able to be in charge of adding the tasks and whatnot?
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Yeah I think you need project management software. Asana is free, and that's what my company uses.

To be clear, any software is only as good as the people using it. I recommend setting up templates that can be duplicated and customized for each type of project. For example:

Newsletter template
- Send out call for submissions: 2 months before, assign to Jane
- Articles chosen: 2 weeks before, assign to Joe
- Draft layout done: 3 weeks before, assign to Sue
- Final proof review: 3 days before, assign to Jane
- Send to printer: 2 days before, assign to Joe

Also you need to make sure everyone is on board, understands the tool, and commits to using it. I recommend sharing files (outlines, graphics, etc) within the tool so it's the "source of truth"
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