DVD ripping 101/Windows 10 64bit...emphasis on 101
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Last question like this on here dates from 2015. Tried the newest version of Handbrake with VLC. No luck. This is about being able to watch DVD's I purchased legally, on iPads/iPhones. Don't mind paying for software, as long as it is legit, reliable, and user friendly, for a relative noob, as am I. Thanks in advance.
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Handbrake is what I've used, what problems did you have?
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I've used MakeMKV before and found it to be reasonably easy to use. It's been a while though.
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I think these instructions for ripping DVDs with Handbrake are correct. The weird part is you have to manually install libdvdcss separately because for legal reasons it's not bundled with Handbrake.

I've also had good luck with MakeMKV for ripping discs (Blu-Ray, but I think it's the same). MakeMKV doesn't transcode the video, it merely copies it, so you probably want to use Handbrake on the output file to transcode the video to a smaller file.
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I hit "Source Selection", and I get a "No valid source or titles found"message. Below it adds this could be due to it not being a valid video file, or a non recognized format, or copy (DRM) protected. I copied a VLM file into the Handbrake directory, which online sources recommended to over come the last issue.
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I rip DVDs and Blu-Rays with MakeMKV, and encode with Handbrake.
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What do you use for playback? If you use Plex you don't have to transcode, it will play the mkv files natively.
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I used Aimersoft Video Converter (paid version) when I had trouble with the sound being out of sync on Handbrake.
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Try starting up Handbrake without the DVD in the drive, then put it in the drive once Handbrake is up. It should auto-detect it as the source.
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You may have to try dvd decrypter and then feed the resulting folder into handbrake for the conversion. (it’s old but sometimes it does the trick)
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DVD Decryptor has issues with Win7, can anyone confirm it will decrypt with Windows 10?
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libdvdcss with Handbrake has been the key for me. Haven't had a problem since I installed it.
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