On The Trail of The Jelly Bean Trail: Identify this Children's Book
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Asking on behalf of my lovely friend: She remembers a book from her childhood- so maybe from early to mid 80s- about a young girl traveling through the wilderness- maybe forest or rolling hills- following a trail of jelly beans. The pictures were all a kind of lifelike painting- she remembers lots of earthy colours.. but most of all the vivid colours of the jelly beans themselves, which she remembers as being bright like jewels. Maybe she was dropping them along the way, Hansel & Gretel style, to find her way back home?

Can Ask help us in our hour of need, as it is so excellently reputed to do? Apologies for vagueness in the details!

As far as we can tell, it's not Valerie and The Jelly Bean Trail
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No jelly beans, but this description immediately made me think of the book The Talking Eggs.
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Maybe Jellybeans For Breakfast by Miriam Young?
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This absolutely jogged my memory of a book I read in the eighties as a little one because of the vividness of the colors in the story. I know your friend remembers a little girl and jellybeans but could it have been "Winnie the Pooh and the Pebble Hunt"? I remember making my mother read this Little Golden Book to me over and over again as a kid.
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Thanks very much for these suggestions, guys! Unfortunately- no dice thus far. Any more leads would be super appreciated!
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