A Place to study on Friday night in Minneapolis
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I have some studying and a short, open book test to take tonight between 6:30 and 9:00. I'd like to have dinner and then study somewhere near downtown but I don't want to hog a four top on a busy night. I have a laptop, two big books and a notebook. Where should I go?
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I feel like Panera is the perfect place for this. Keep buying drinks/baked goods to bring home if you really feel bad about it.
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Perkins is great for this when I need to grade papers. I ask for a booth/table in the back, put on headphones, sip my diet Coke, then leave a really nice tip on my way out. I always let servers know that I'm planning to work, so they know I'll be there for awhile. It's a casual/low-key environment and, as long as you're not parked at a table during brunch hours on a weekend, I think you could do just about anything you wanted.

The Panera suggestion is great, too. A plus for Panera is that many locations sport a fireplace. Snag that table and you're in for a cozy night.
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If you end up needing to separate the two, Wilson Library at the University of Minnesota is open until 9.
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