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Real simple, yet maddeningly complex: I cannot get a Brita or Pur faucet-mounted filter to attach to my kitchen faucet. Our tap water tastes like frog pee. I've tried a bazillion adapters. HALP. More inside.

- Faucet: standard cheap apartment faucet. Internally-threaded (female). No aerator. I THINK (but do not KNOW) that its threading is 13/16 x 27F. IMPORTANT: it has the exact same threading as the out-of-the-box Pur/Brita faucet filters (any attachment that will screw into the filters, will also successfully screw into my faucet - but no adapters are that size, and male, on BOTH sides).

- Brita/Pur filters: standard internally-threaded (female) filters. Several tried. None work. None of the attached adapters work. None of the extra adapters I bought at Home Depot/Lowe's work. None of them work when screwed TOGETHER in new and exciting configurations.
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We installed a Filtrete under sink water filter in our rented home. Installs in a snap, won’t harm the existing plumbing, and water out of the tap tastes great.
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I also put in an undersink filter. It seems much more effective than the Pur faucet-mounted filters I used to use, is more convenient, and cheaper in the long run. I did have to give up the sink sprayer, because that's where I mounted the filter spigot.
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Under-sink water filters are a great solution. They range from the simple filter-only units, which are similar to a faucet-mounted filter, all the way on up to the nice reverse osmosis filters, which cost more and take more space, but put out great water.

If you are unable to attach it to the faucet, cannot prevail upon the landlord to replace the faucet with something compatible, and cannot do an under-sink filter, there is still hope. Brita and others make filter pitchers and dispensers such as the Brita 10 Cup Filter Pitcher or the Brita 18 Cup Water Filtration Dispenser. These have the upside that you can stick them in the fridge and have nice cold drinking water.
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Consider going to a more full-service hardware store or a plumbing supply store! We had a similar issue with our portable clothes washer - couldn't figure out how to hook it up to our kitchen faucet and bought several incorrect adapters and hoses from Home Depot. My husband ended up taking as many of the relevant parts as he could reasonably detach to a nearby Ace with a good plumbing section and the helpful hardware folks found us a fitting that made it work.
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Have you tried contacting Brita? They may have a solution for you,
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PUR is locally based so calling them may get you more help. I would also suggest under sink but if it is just drinking water than PUR has large dispenspers that can be filled and placed on the counter or fridge.
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I have a super funky kitchen setup that required messing with connectors in new and exciting ways to get them to work with a portable dishwasher and water filter. It's really strange to me that the adapter didn't come with your water filter. Just FYI, as I understand it from my own digging, there are only two basic sizes of threading - "sink" threading and "hose" threading.

Anyway, if all you need is a male sink/male sink adapter, amazon has you covered. If you want to go the hardware store route, get a male-male sink to hose adapter, then a female hose to male sink step-down adapter and screw them together.
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I should update - from my digging, it appears your suspected nonstandard 13/16 size does indeed exist. If you're correct and it's the weird size, this is what you need instead.
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Response by poster: Update: the thing that finally fixed it was a brass fitting from the pressure washer section of the hardware store, plus a ton of Teflon tape!
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