Fragrance-free Shampoo for gray, dyed hair?
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I am looking for recommendations for shampoo, for my specific hair. It needs to be fragrance-free and sulfates-free. I have naturally gray hair that I dye brown. More hair details inside..

I can't seem to find a shampoo with a description that covers everything I'm looking for. I am a white woman in my 40s.

My hair is:
- naturally gray
- dyed using L'Oreal (this is fyi only, I am NOT seeking opinions or advice on dyeing my hair)
- very thick and long
- wavy to curly
- the only other product I use is Jason fragrance-free conditioner

Due to allergies, the shampoo needs to be:
- fragrance-free
- sulfates-free

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations!
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Do you have a decent hippie grocery or co-op near you? Mine has bulk shampoos and stuff and I'm almost certain they would be badstuff free. Coincidentally I need shampoo, so I'll try to go today and check the ingredients for their "Daily Shampoo" that I get. It's definitely fragrance-free, though.
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Free and Clear is both fragrance and sulfate free.

It's what I use, because it is also free of extraneous plant extracts that abound in most "hypoallergenic" and "natural" shampoos. It is pretty harsh though. Very drying. Desperation shampoo.

I have used Nonscents shampoo at the salon. But it does contain sufates. I do use the conditioner as it is the only one that I have found that fulfills all of my needs.

Cleure makes one that's a bit simpler than the Free and Clear. I have not tried it, but it is probably good.

I'm at the point now where I am embarking on a journey to make my own shampoo and conditioner because it'll be cheaper and more reliable. This blog (now new blog site) have great information about ingredients and how to do it at home.
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I use Free and Clear shampoo and conditioner, and like them a lot. I'm super allergic to fragrances and they don't bother me.
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My kids use this Fresh Monster Fragrance-Free. There is nothing other than the packaging to keep an adult from using it too!
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