I'd like some Wensleydale cheese, please.
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It's pretty simple. I don't live in the UK and I'd like some Wensleydale. Any suggestions?

While vacationing in London I ate a marvelous Wensleydale and carrot sandwich. I'd like to replicate it, but I'm not sure where I can find Wensleydale cheese.

I live in New Jersey, if that helps. I'm willing to travel as far as NYC or Philly. I'm OK with ordering it online, except all the Wensleydale I've encountered online comes with fruit. I want plain cheese.

If there are cheeses similar to Wensleydale that I could use, I'm willing.

The open Internet hasn't really been helpful to me on this question, or my Googling skills have betrayed me in a profound way.

Thanks so much.
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Telephone the West Side Market in NYC, 110th and Broadway. They had it the last time I looked.
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I've seen imported Wensleydale in Maryland and in Texas. Surely there's a shop near you that carries it, too.
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I'd call or IM with Murray's Cheese (IM link on home page). Wensleydale is sort of in a weird market niche as it's not really considered a high-end cheese, so specialist cheesemongers in the U.S. are less likely to stock it. But if Murray's doesn't carry it, they can probably refer you to someone who does.
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Caerphilly is reasonably similar to Wensleydale, in the unlikely event of you coming across a Welsh-biased cheese importer.
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Is this the famous Marks and Spencer wensleydale and carrot chutney sammich? If so, the chutney is available occasionally in the food section in sealed jars which should be postable. Not sure if they are available to send abroad from M and S webpage though.
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I have seen it in my local natural foods co-op (I live in Connecticut). If you have one near you in NJ, check there?
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I live on the other coast but I've seen it in Whole Foods. It probably depends on who the cheesemonger is who works in the specific locations. You could ask the cheese person in the one near you if they could get it.
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You can buy it online at igourmet.
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When it's in stock...
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Another vote for Whole Foods. I have been able to buy Wensleydale at a couple of the ones near me in suburban Boston.
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Philly source: Downtown Cheese in the Reading Terminal market had Wensleydale as of a few weeks ago. They likely still have some.
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I live in Northern New England and normal supermarkets near me that have imported non-prepackaged cheeses (which is most of them) will have Wensleydale from time to time, though I don't think any of them have it all the time.

Just going a few dozen miles towards Boston I'll encounter even better-stocked supermarkets than the ones near me; so I am suspicious that you may be viewing this as a more difficult a quest than it actually is, OP.
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I buy Wensleydale with cranberries at Fairway Market, in Manhattan and in Westchester County. I believe they also have a variety with apricots. I've never seen one without fruit. They always have it.
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Argh. Just read more carefully. You can see whether they have the plain. They just might.
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Lancashire cheese is similar to Wensleydale, and I've yet to see it with any fruit in it.
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Another Philly-area recommendation - Wegman's often has it, in plain and cranberry varieties.
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Just for the record, we have Coombe Castle brand out here in Cincinnati. Surely you can find some in NYC! Enjoy!
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