A Robot Uprising! Human Resistance! What Rhymes with Orange?
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I recall reading a very short sci-fi story (perhaps in an anthology) about humans on a moon colony? plotting resistance against a robot uprising. The entire story (to my hazy recollection) centers on a meeting of the human resistance debating how they can defeat the powerful robots. What is the name and author of this 50s or 60s era? short story?

There is debate and dissent with some humans despairing that the robots are just too powerful to oppose. In the end, the humans decide their pass code will be the word that rhymes with orange... and at that moment, the humans who opposed resisting the robots started glitching out.. they were robots all along. Human capacity for metaphor in communication confounded the robots need for rigid literalism.

I tried googling this only to find someone responding to this same question on "good reads" but the question itself had been deleted and as far as I can tell there were no answers. :(

I read this as a child in the late 80s and if I had to guess I would say it's Asimov or Clarke but googling that hasn't worked either so maybe it isn't? But I *think* the era of writing was 50s or 60s...
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