Office Supply Item: No Idea What to Name This, And Thus How to Find It
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I am looking for a one-unit grid of document holders, but I have no idea what to call this and thus how to search for them. I know they exist. Extra points if you can link me to where they're being sold.

Okay, to help paint the visual image of this: do you know how people have those plastic things on their office doors for people to drop off documents when the door is closed? Start with that visual.

Then imagine a unit that is a sort of grid of those (but with their own backing, not relying on the door backing). It's a wall-mounted unit with multiple document slots, sitting at an angle so the papers have fallen into those slots but are visible (as opposed to, say, a "cubicle" mail-sorter kind of thing). People drop off documents in those slots and/or pick them up.

Basically, this might be used for organization of print jobs and perhaps in other things, too. I just have no idea how to Google this because I can't seem to get the right terms to start them showing up anywhere (Amazon, Staples, etc.).

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Incline Sorter?
posted by scruss at 8:25 AM on January 18, 2018

Wall Pockets
posted by Sweetie Darling at 8:26 AM on January 18, 2018

Or do you mean something more like this? "Vertical filing system"
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Wall files?
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There's another style of Wall File Holder, too.
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I have this tiered document organizer, which can sit on a desk or be wall-mounted. The word "tiered" might be useful in your searches, if I'm understanding your description correctly.
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I think looking for hanging wall files will get you there.
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Oh, you don't want it door-mounted. In that case, I'd search for "tiered wall file holder" or "vertical file organizer" to get you closer.
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I'm not sure if this is quite the design you're talking about, but I got this, similar to some linked above, at IKEA.
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Hey, guys -- thanks so much. The links were exactly what I had in mind, but all are useful and potential candidates. Thank you!
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