What should I do with my time before I get made redundant?
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I'll be losing my job soon, but have a few months to pass before I get there. Aside from all the things I know I should do, what would be a wise way to use this time? What would you do?

I'm getting laid off in about eight weeks. Some of my time will be taken up job hunting and finishing up my current obligations, but I'll have a bit more free time than usual.

I know I need to find a new job, watch the finances (though I'm getting a modest payout), keep active and so on (all things I would usually do to be honest), but what could I use this time as an opportunity to do which would normally not be possible?

I live in London, no kids, early thirties, mortgage. I just feel like it's a good chance to tie something up in a way I haven't been able to before but I can't think what! Maybe everything's just fine as it is. A few people have said sod it, go on a lovely long holiday, but I want to DO something not hang around, and generally people on the internet have better ideas than me.
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Best answer: In your place, I would take some online courses in useful stuff like MS Excel, InDesign, SQL, CSS, programming, or something else that might help get a leg up in the job hunt either now or in future.
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Best answer: Depending what sort of environment you work in, refresh your work network in your current job - talk to people face to face and get their contact details, ask your manager or other trusted senior people for a recommendation on Linked In. Once you are out the door, it's much harder to keep those things going.
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Best answer: There are so many things to do in London. Get a bunch of tourist guides from the library and visit tourist locations you've never been to. Learn something new - like playing an instrument or a new language. Is there a project to be done at home - painting or gardening?
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