Is there a word or phrase for a feeling of expecting self-pity?
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Wondering if there's a term or phrase, in any language (c'mon, German) for that feeling of... when you're expecting a letdown, bad thing or disappointment, but you're almost looking forward to the wallowing in self-pity you'll do as a result.

Like.. "I bet no one will remember my birthday, and I'll be all lonely, and later they'll remember it and feel guilty, poor me" or "I hope this relationship is great, but I bet this person is going to be a jerk like all the others, and I can go home and cry and eat ice cream and not have to try for a second date."

.... or am I the only one who thinks like this?
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I have to think there’s something like this in The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrowsthis entry comes close, anyway.
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Oh, I know that feeling so you are not the only one. I think it's one of those weirdly satisfying workings of depression. It gives anticipation! and validation! Except it's negative anticipation, and the validation is that one was right to be a pessimist. And the self-pity is deliciously justified.

I hope there is a word or phrase. It could be like 'the pleasure in anticipating justified self-pity', or something.
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Ah yes, the self-fulfilling prophecy of doom gambit. My fave.
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Best answer: I call this "being Eeyore."
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i call this being an alive human in 2018
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Looking California / Feeling Minnesota
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In German you also say "sich im Selbstmitleid suhlen" = "to wallow in self-pity". Sorry, no perfect compund word :)
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I think that that is already self-pity.
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My great-aunt used to call it "throwing a pity party"
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Preemptive pity party. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Catastrophizing. Self-schadenfreude. None of them really fit perfectly, but maybe by their powers combined...?
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Best answer: Anticipointment
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Zukumpft frolich salz wasser weinen.
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Best answer: I might suggest Selbstschadenfreude. I don't know if that is a word that is actually used much in German but it is certainly completely comprehensible--'taking joy in your own misfortune' or something along those lines.

It looks like I'm far from the first clever person to think of this: 1 2 3 4 (all English, however).

Here is one actual German reference that seems to use the term in approximately in this sense.

This article on talks a lot about various related words and mentions how selbstschadenfreude might fit into that spectrum.

This would capture the meaning of enjoyment of your own misery or suffering, but it doesn't really capture the aspect of looking forward to future enjoyment of your own misery or suffering.
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