Vintage flats
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I love every single thing about these shoes, except the heel. Looking for something as similar as possible, but FLAT.

The things I love about them are:
-the color (but would be open to other pastels, metallic, or ivory)
-the t-strap (an ankle strap may also work)
-the peep toe (not strictly necessary if it has a t-strap)
-the pretty flower detail
-vintage, elegant feel

I am willing to spend to the $200ish range. They have to ship to the US (or be purchased in a real live store near NYC or Philadelphia). And, oh yeah, I'm a size 11.

I've seen you folks perform miracles of this nature! Thank you!!
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Those shoes reminded me of the shoes I wore to my wedding a couple of years ago, which were by the brand Seychelles. I checked their current offerings and this is the only one that I think fit the parameters.
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Those shoes are gorgeous! These aren't as glamorous, but here are a couple options from brands I like that have similar details without the height: Gentle Souls or Pikolinos. I'd watch Miz Mooz as well, although it doesn't look like they've come out with this spring's styles yet.

I don't see an option on their website at the moment but another brand you might keep your eye on is ReMix Vintage. They often have some cute wedge and low heeled styles. If you order from them, it's worth calling them on the phone as their sizing can vary depending on the style.
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The detailing on the vamp is best seen a few photos in.

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Best answer: The Rockport Cobb Hill Ireland has a bit of a similar look, although less dainty, and comes in size 11—color options include a metallic and a khaki/tan/nude.

Brands like Miz Mooz, Seychelles, and Chelsea Crew have often had styles like this with flat or low heels in the past--it might be worth checking eBay or other secondhand options.

But I think your best bet is probably to wait for Modcloth to get more more spring/summer shoes in (not much there now) because they usually have a ton of this sort of sort of thing, as some random pinterest hits suggest:

pastel mint:
and another:
pastel pink/coral:
pastel blue:
more blush:

I don't think any of those options are still being sold, but they'll probably have similar styles this spring, and you can always try and check the brands to see if they're being sold elsewhere.
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Gentle Souls Lily Moon - these are available in teal if the color is important, just not from Zappos, but I've seen them on eBay and other places.
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Hmm it really is too bad those don't come as flats...they are lovely!

Here are some options I found, none that match all your criteria but maybe in a similar vein. I think the keyword in the search is "art deco"

Art Deco Brian Atwood flats (but no t-strap)
These are rather out of your stated price range but maybe you can find them on ebay somewhere?
From the same site you posted, not too art-deco-y but pretty
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Another pair of Seychelles, similar to the ones quaking fajita linked above
Miss Mooz flats in sage green
Modcloth has some cute flats that are kind of in that wheelhouse
Dolce by Mojo Moxy mint flats with T-strap
Ona Caramel
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Best answer: Oh and these-
Green Pie
Ona Bride
Metallic Mint
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Response by poster: I didn't think it was important to mention, but may be it is -- looking for shoes to wear with a wedding dress.

Pseudostrabismus's Metallic Mint are the closest so far. I think the suggestion to keep an eye on Modcloth is a good one, too.
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it looks like pseudostrabismus's link is a someone who makes those shoes -- you could message them with your link and see if they could design something similar for you. In my experience, Etsy sellers don't charge higher for commissions than they would for making the item on their own.
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I have two pairs of the Rockport Cobb Hills linked by kayarel and they are super comfortable and I have worn them to a wedding!
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Yeah, the first of the etsy shops pseudostrabismus linked to says they do custom orders, although they're a little over your price range. Here's another cute pair from the person who makes the metallic mint ones.

And a few more etsy shops with similar stuff and custom order options.
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Response by poster: Modcloth comes through in the end!! Thank you, all, for the reminder that their stock changes frequently.

Probably too blue

A little too sandal-y

The heel is higher than I wanted but not TOO high. I think these are the winners!!
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Response by poster: And, just tried on the last ones with my dress.

I guess the moral of the story is never give up on your dreams.
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