Need a solution to push an iOS notification once an hour at random time
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I'm looking for a app/platform/solution for my iPhone that will do the following -Select from a pre-filled list/database of quotes, Bible verses, and random musings -Send a push notification to my iPhone once an hour, but at a random time during that hour -Repeat, but with a new entry from the list, preferably shuffled and randomized

Basically, this would be a self-motivational tool in which the semi-random nature decreases the likelihood of ignoring the notification.

I'm not a programmer, so I can't make a custom app, but I signed up for a Pushover account, so if there's a solution that involves some sort of email or RSS bot, that could work too.
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You can do this with Zapier but I'm not sure about the random time aspect. I'd put all the quotes into a google doc with an ID number column (column a) and the quotes in column b. Then get a random value. Then get it to return the content of column b whose id number matches the random value. Then have it send it to you in a text.
I think you'll have to pay for a subscription for this.
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You could probably do this entirely inside the Workflow app. It would take some experimentation and learning, because it is basically simple coding (although without code syntax).
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I did something similar with IFTTT but just with email (that is, it would send me an email—I set it to morning and evening—with one random choice from a list of gentle reminders of things like drink water and be nicer to people and do your damned job). I got really got at ignoring it. Now I can't figure out how to stop it, so I filter it to the trash.
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I use an app called Randomly RemindMe that does exactly what you are asking for. Unfortunately it's Android only, but I just wanted to let you know that someone out there has done this and hopefully you'll find something for iOS and not need to recode the wheel.
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