Need a new career path,
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I'm a video editor in search of a new career. I have no idea what that could or should be.

I graduated with a Journalism degree in 2005, found early work in small corporate and documentary video editing, and switched to the reality TV sphere in 2010. I worked my way up from night assistant to editor on a trivia game show that I loved, but it was finally cancelled at the end of 2013. I wasn't able to translate that to another editing job, so I've been back to assisting, often at night which no longer works for me. I'm coming to the end of a contract, and the stress of the semi-annual hustle for the next gig is finally getting to me. I'm not getting where I wanted to be, and I don't even know that I want to get there anymore. Actual editing contracts (vs assisting) are higher paid, but even shorter with more stress of finding the next gig, and I don't think I have it in me. I don't want to be scrambling for the next job every 9-12 months; the uncertainty puts me through the wringer.

I need something else but I don't have the first idea what it could be. Maybe you've got some ideas? Here's a breakdown of my skills and interests:

- As I said I went to school for journalism, and did some writing for a music magazine while in school. I can write well but never really found a voice, and the act of writing was pretty painful. I haven't written professionally in a decade or more but occasionally I'll write a short political rant on Facebook and people respond well to my style.

- I minored in Law and enjoyed it a lot. I'm analytical and able to look at large quantities of information and figure out what is most important, and how it applies to a certain situation or under certain rules. I think I would enjoy a legal profession but I am not the type of person who would be comfortable arguing in court. I worry law school would be a costly mistake.

- The happiest I have ever been at work is when I spent some time writing for the trivia show. My brain is full of useless knowledge and I could easily form it into snappy trivia questions. If I could make a living on trivia (in a real work environment, not hosting trivia nights) I would excel.

- I am detail oriented, I will flag issues at work even if they have nothing to do with me. I want to make sure the product we are putting out is the best it can be and I will catch things that others miss or will let go. I will remember weekly tasks that my supervisors will forget.

- Numerous times I have been in charge of the work of others, either managing teams of interns or co-ordinating the work of peers on large projects. I enjoy delegating and reviewing others work to make sure everything is going well. I would probably enjoy a post production co-ordinator position but I'm not sure how to make that switch, and I worry it has the same short term contract issue.

- I work well with people but I am not a people person if that makes sense. I am a strong confident team member, and I can lead/supervise but I am probably not suited for something where I am the centre of attention for long periods of time, or trying to hustle sales, funding, clients etc. I have mild social anxiety that makes me inclined to avoid most outside of work functions. I have enjoyed editing because most of the time I am left alone in a quiet room.

- As I said I hate the uncertainty and hustle of trying to find another gig every year. I know the job market is rough, but I want a job that is secure enough that I can spend years in a role or company and not always be aware that even if things are going well time is running out.

- I am empathetic and worried about the state of the world, I would enjoy doing something where I feel I am either doing good or empowering others to do good.

I'm in Toronto Canada and would prefer to stay here. Money is not really an issue as while I have supported myself since graduation, my parents have said they can pay for schooling or invest in a reasonable business plan up to around $100k. This is huge and I am so grateful, but as I'm approaching middle age I am so terrified of making a wrong choice. Help me make the right one!
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Two things that immediately came to my mind were legal mediator and paralegal
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If you'd be interested in going further along the video editing route, I know that Toronto VFX companies are often looking for digital compositors, (this is what I do) editors, coordinators. There are college programs locally that teach VFX, or you could get yourself a home system and work your way through online tutorials. Compositing would probably be easy to learn since you already know editing. It would be a few years of working as a junior, but if you have a good eye and attention to detail, that can result in decent, steady work. Feel free to memail me with questions.
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You might want to consider marketing/communications for a corporation large enough to have an in-house team. Someone with your skills would be very valuable, and if you’re not with an agency there’s no hustling for business. Ideally you’d probably want something where you actually believe in the product, but I’ve noticed that for some that’s less of an issue.
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