Writer for hire?
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I've recently done a little bit of work writing very light entries for a sort of coffee table reference book. Where does one look for similar one off writing gigs like this?

The pieces in the book were very short discussional bits on a variety of subjects.
I'm not a writer, I'm an engineer, but I found this process quite helpful in developing some skills. Obviously writing, but also working to someone else's requirements, project planning and managing (I was working with an academic who made my writing less terrible, and bridging our working styles was instructive). Also, I got paid.

We saw the original job on an almost entirely unrelated academic forum, by chance. So, aside from chasing up the editor of this job (which I'll also do) where should I look for similar work?
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If you're on LinkedIn or not opposed to joining it, try adding yourself to their ProFinder tool.
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