How did I do this search?
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While scanning files on my machine, I came across a beautiful document which showed hyperlinked entries to a history of my YouTube searches. But I can't remember how I did it. Can you help?

I wish I could attach a brief screenshot (if I can do that here, I don't know how), but basically it showed as the header 'search-history.html' and the url was "file:///Users/myname/Downloads/Takeout/YouTube/history/search-history.html".

It then laid out the search history in 2 simple columns. The left one was the search term, hyperlinked to YouTube and the search. The second column was date/time of search.

Can you tell me how to recreate this? BTW, I'm on a Mac, running High Sierra.

Many thanks.
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Best answer: The "Takeout" part indicates Google Takeout which includes YouTube; here are the official Google instructions for exporting the data for your Google account.
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Response by poster: Rangefinder, you da man. And only 23 minutes. Thanks much. It's exactly what I wanted.

I find the download of the search history is the very same and is excellent. However, the view history is in some garbled up text, even when I select the text reader. Oh, well, not that important. It's the search history I was most interested in.

It's also easily exported to Excel for further sort capabilities.
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