Newark Airport Parking Recommendations
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I'm driving from South Jersey to park at the Newark Airport for about 5 days in a couple weeks. There will be two of us, in addition to a 2 year old. We have luggage and a car seat.

What's the best place to park at a reasonable rate? The car seat is heavy af so I would like to not have to carry it far. Also will have a toddler with us so would like a shuttle that she can ride in safely. Basically what I'm looking for is: has anyone used a parking lot at the Newark Airport with a toddler and a lot of luggage? Thanks!
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I don't know about Newark, but is it possible to have the driving adult drop off the other adult, the toddler and all the junk, and have them just wait in the airport for the other adult to go off and park and shuttle back? That may make your life easier.
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I did this without the toddler but with a lot of luggage, and did what brainmouse said.

I used one of the third-party long term parking services with a Groupon (the going rate is somewhere between $9~11 a day), and with a shuttle it was fairly painless, and took about 30 min including drop off, registration, shuttle transport, etc. I also opted for the valet parking service where they keep your key; it was one less thing to worry about, and worth the extra $1 or so per day.
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Pricing would vary depending upon your exact dates, but you might consider arriving a day early and staying at an airport hotel that offers free parking. You can price packages here -- most packages include up to a week of parking, and all feature free airport shuttles, which may be less crowded/stressful than a parking lot shuttle when you're toddler-and-carseat-wrangling.
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Based on recommendation from, parked at ABC parking a couple of years ago. It was a not expensive and had a positive experience overall.
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I've used many times and have always had a good experience. It is a very efficient operation. When dropping off you are usually in the shuttle for the short ride to the terminal within 15 minutes. When picking up, you text their system from baggage claim and they pick you up right away.
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