Help me re-find this guide to doing different media interviews
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A while ago, a famous internet person wrote a fantastic multi-part guide for how to be a good guest for radio interviews/interviews with newspaper journalists/television interviews, etc. I am having difficulty tracking it down.

Potential leads...
-I think he is very famous on twitter and his icon is either a pixelated file folder or a hand with a folder
-His first name might be Paul? Or a single-syllable masculine name?
-Jessamyn might have linked to it once upon a time in one of her newsletters?

I have an interview with a reporter about one of my research areas next week, and I'd like to brush up on how best to talk about my research concisely and get my main points across. I think I'm generally good at this already, but I'd like a tips refresher.

Thanks, MetaFilter!
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THAT'S IT! Thanks MetaFilter <3 <3
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