Know any iPad photo apps that can add borders without cropping?
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I’m looking for an iPad photo app that can add a simple border (frame) to an image without losing any information (i.e. without cropping), for printing purposes. Snapseed and Photoshop Express both crop the photo when you add a border, and though there are messy workarounds for both, neither fit the bill because I need to standardise the process to always get the same border width. Any ideas? Thanks guys!
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Hm...not sure about PS express, but in regular photoshop, I would go to 'canvas size' and expand the width and height by 2X pixels (with X being the width of the border you want and times 2 because both sides). This will leave you with a border the color of 'background color' that you can then do whatever with (change color, pattern fill, etc.)
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