Is my iPhone SE already out of juice?
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Do I need to replace the battery on an iPhone SE (running iOS 11) that I bought a month and change ago?

What it says on the tin. Bought my iPhone SE a month and change ago, it's been giving me decent battery life, better than my old 5C... and then the news about Apple throttling battery life on old iPhones hit.

I have an appointment at my local Apple store tomorrow afternoon, but do I really need to change the battery? I plan on keeping this phone for the next two-three years, if that makes a difference.

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Have you had any problems?!? Do you carry an external battery at all?
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@acm Nope, but my mother pitched such a fit I made the appointment anyway. And I do carry an external battery on longer trips, not everyday.
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It's hard to understand the question. If you are getting satisfactory battery life, on a newish phone, under what theory would you need to get a new battery?
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If you haven't had any problems, there's no reason to replace it. As your battery gets more use, it gets weaker, so your battery life goes down. This happens for every battery, Apple or not. The thing in the news recently was that, as the battery weakened, Apple was also reducing CPU speed without telling people.

What this means for you is that in two or three years, your phone may slow down. When that happens, replacing the battery may improve the speed.
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Is this a new phone or a used phone? My understanding was that the throttling was specifically for old batteries, which are most likely to exist in old phones. But if you've bought a brand new phone with a brand new battery, I don't think there would be throttling?

If this is a used phone, I would wait a bit if you're currently happy with the battery life and phone speed. From the linked article, it sounds like Apple will soon be coming out with an update that will allow you to check your battery's age/performance and let you know if it would benefit from being replaced. Assuming that indeed does happen in the next few months, it seems like the easiest option is just to wait and check things once that information/update is released. If you're happy with the current battery life and phone speed, I'm not sure what terrible thing could happen by waiting a few months.
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Your battery is not likely to be old if you bought the SE new last month. If you are concerned about it there is software that will read information off of the phone (like manufacture date, max battery charge, cycle count etc).

This is not likely to be any kind of issue in your situation.
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They aren’t telling all older model iPhones “Hey, for your own good you should start sucking now.” They’re telling all iPhones to watch their battery capacity, and when it deteriorates past a certain point to slow things down.
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Get an app called cpudasherx and run it when your phone battery is green. It will say your cpu MHz and your max. My phone isn’t throttled and says 1850/1850. My wife’s says 1400/1850 because hers is throttled.

Also your Apple store is probably out of batteries, even if they let you make the appointment. Get the work authorized, call the store and have them call you when they get SE batteries in.
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Thanks everyone for all the answers! Between the tone of the articles I was reading, my mother freaking out, and the miserable cold that's been fogging up my brain all week, I had an utter tech fail moment.

Cancelling the appt and marking this resolved.
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