What on earth do I do with a 0.3 quart Dutch oven?
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One of the presents I received this year was a cast iron Dutch oven from Chasseur. It's 0.3 quarts, pre-seasoned, and very small. What can I do with it?

It's a beautiful little thing and while I'm happy to use it as a serving dish, that seems like a waste for something this heavily constructed. Can anyone recommend recipes or other uses that could make proper use of it, whether in the oven or on the stove?
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Making single serving lasagna or eggplant parmagiana.
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French Onion Soup?
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I have one and I have used it for half of this upside down cake recipe.
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Baked Gouda.
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Hot dips at parties: crab, artichoke, spinach; those sorts of things.
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I have a small set of Le Creuset cocottes that are similar though a bit smaller and we use it for making individual serving fruit crisps and quiches (really, souffles).

you can find other cocotte recipes on Staub's and Le Creuset's websites.
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Just the right size to bake up a quick little single-serve fruit crumble or the like for an indulgence after dinner.
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Baked brie!
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I would be very unlikely to run the oven for a single serving of pretty much anything. Can it be exchanged for something that would get more use?
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Chile con queso.
A single cornbread muffin, for you and no one else.
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I would be very unlikely to run the oven for a single serving of pretty much anything.

I agree, and the way I learned to use a Dutch oven was you fill a hole with charcoal or other embers, prepare the cobbler or whatever and load up the oven, then set it on top of the embers, placing some more burning coals on the lid. Come back later and voila! Way too much work for 0.3 quarts of anything, that sounds to me more like a model or a toy of some kind. Is it made of cast iron, or aluminum, or maybe neither?
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You've got yourself a cocotte, en which things can be cooked, if that helps with googling.
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This is a very awkward size for a cooking pot, but if you want to keep it, it would excel at tasks that need a slow and steady heat. The heavier the gauge of the pot, the fewer hot spots, the less scorching, and the better it will do at melting or sauteing delicate items. Like melting butter, sweating garlic or shallots and the like. Something you might now do in a double boiler can be melted in a pot if the heat is low and the pot is heavy. Such a heavy pot will also hold its heat for a time if you transfer it to the table, perhaps with melted butter to go with boiled lobster.

Maybe melting chocolate low and slow for dipping chunks of orange or pineapple or pound cake for a fun do-it-yourself fondue? Sounds perfect!
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My boyfriend just bought a Korean stone pot and realized it's effectively a tiny little Dutch oven. We've been looking for Dutch oven recipes that might scale down, you could go the other way and try tofu stew!
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omg it's precious

My first thought was for melted butter at the table for artichokes or lobster. My second thought was queso dip. In the same vein of things people probably shouldn't eat too much of, it'd make a banging small potato gratin.
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I keep finishing salt in mind.
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Mine not mine
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You could also use it to keep a small serving of something cold / frozen, by popping it into the fridge or freezer.
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If you don't want to run the oven and you live in a cold space, use it as a bowl for soup, but preheat it with boiling water beforehand. Your soup will stay hot longer.
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I believe you have a tchotchke.
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It's a little less silly for single serving oven things if you have a toaster-oven.
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