Longform tales of daring-do
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Back when Outside Online was still good, they used to regularly publish longform articles, real life stories of people in dramatic outdoorsey situations. First ascents, dog-sled racing, cast adrift in the Pacific, etc, etc. I follow longform.com and although they used to publish these types of reports too, I feel that the number here too has diminished in recent times, although that may be confirmation bias. Where do I go to scratch this itch? What websites are publishing these type of articles now? Either general interest, or specialist sports sites are good, provided the writing is of a decent quality.
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Especially since since Katie Ives took the helm, Alpinist.
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Alpinist is great, and I would also add Sidetracked
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Are you interested in books? The Lost Cyclist was a pretty good read about some of the first round-the-world bicycling adventurers. The ending was a little bit of a letdown in that the main mystery of the book wasn't really resolved to my satisfaction, but otherwise I thought it was an engaging read.
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