Women's style icons and inspiration for women who wear pants/trousers
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I want to revamp my wardrobe, and I'm looking for women's fashion inspiration and icons. However, I'm not into dresses and skirts. What's out there for a woman who prefers pants/trousers? Who's got that style?

Me: Late 30s, tall and skinny, interested in both polished/professional and artsy bohemian looks

The only stylish pants-wearing woman on my radar is Christine Lagarde. Who else is out there?
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Angie Cox who owns and runs You
Look Fab
is cool.
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Katherine Hepburn. Diane Keaton as Annie Hall. Diane Keaton as herself.

For things like this, I find Pinterest and Instagram searches particularly helpful. Just searching "women wearing pants" found me a large number of stylish examples on Pinterest. Once you click on one image, it suggests more images like that and soon you'll be down a fashion inspiration rabbit hole.
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Stacey London has moved on from her retro style on What Not To Wear and has a lovely article about aging into her current artsy, pants-wearing style.

Esther Quek is a bang-on perfect menswear icon.

Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly (famous for skirts, but also her cropped pant looks).
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Emmanuelle Alt!
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Ellen DeGeneres.
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esther quek, all others fall short of her perfection
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Lauren Bacall
Janelle Monae
Uma Thurman
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Alterations Needed

The Breastless Years doesn't always wear pants, but when she does they're cool

Already Pretty

Actor Tatiana Maslany wears pants to a lot of events

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Page

And best of all... Janelle MonĂ¡e
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Mary Tyler Moore wore her capris with such style and grace as Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show, she almost made the men look out-of-place in their trousers.
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Ines de La Fressange fits the bill perfectly, I think. I have this imgur gallery saved for inspiration and admiration: https://imgur.com/a/xlcrj

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Marlene Dietrich!
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Tilda Swinton.
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