Piano Tutor apps for iPad that support USB/MIDI Keyboards?
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I've been meaning to learn keyboard for ages. I have a 49 Key USB MIDI Keyboard, and it works in various music apps and GarageBand if I plug it into my iPad via the Lightning to USB A adapter in the Camera Connection Kit. Are there any piano lesson apps for iPad that also support MIDI keyboards over USB?
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Simply Piano for iOS has this, I used it with my iPhone for awhile, I'm sure it would work better with an ipad. It's very good for what it is, teaches simple songs, both traditional and pop, in order to reinforce skill drills.
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One thing you can try for connectivity is a Midi to bluetooth connector like this - on an iOs device you might also need to download the free app midimittr. The point of these steps is to allow your keyboard to connect to your device both wirelessly and with low latency. Personally I like this setup.

I have been using SimplyPiano for a while and am getting on well with it. You might also want to explore Flowkey - this is somewhat similar but has a slightly different approach. There are many other apps to consider with an iPad too - here is an article by a piano teacher in which he lists his favourites.
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