Boat trip, printable map track edition?
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So I just got off of a cruise on a major cruiseline. Found a site that lets me show where it went, based on actual nautical data, but only based on the last 24 hours of data. Is there one that will show me more?

I can't find that one again, anyway. We were "running" from some of the effects of the storm bomb thing so we were all over the place and I'd like to memorialize it in print and eventually crosstitch; my phone snap of the screen shot of the in room map is pretty lacking.

Any ideas?
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Cruisemapper or marinetraffic or vesselfinder might be what you’re looking for.
posted by OneSmartMonkey at 11:51 PM on January 6, 2018

You'll need to create a free trial account with marinetraffic in order to go over 24 hours, but as far as I can tell, that should be easy enough to cancel.
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okay, did a free account with MT ... looks like I have to get paid to get the whole trip. Thanks!
posted by tilde at 9:45 AM on January 7, 2018

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