What weather station do I want?
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I want a weather-station of some sort but I have no idea where to start. This question has been asked before back in 2016 and many of the ones listed are no longer available. Given my requirements (inside) what weather station gadget do I need?

Five minutes ago I had a near death experience when I went outside to check the temperature on the old thermometer that sits on our porch. It's reading 42C (before noon) and I achieved a level of crispiness hitherto confined to pork roasts whilst trying to read the damned thing. Help me, gadgeteers of MeFi!

I'd like to be able to check:

  • Outside temperature and humidity without having to actually go outside
  • Indoor temperature as well
  • Remote access would also be nice, but is not required
  • I'd like barometric pressure as well, but don't care about wind speed/direction

  • My budget is about $150 and I'm based in Sydney so suggestions would need to either be available in, or shippable to Australia.

    What do I get?
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    If you didn't want a barometer, these are cheap enough to be into the "Just get something with good reviews from amazon-or-wherever." Nosing around, you can get this broad type for waaaay under your budget. If you can live without pressure readings, I'd suggest just getting whichever has the best appearance to you. They're all kinda cheap crap, but the various ones we've had have all lasted several years each anyway.
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    I've got an older LaCrosse Technology unit that, when paired with an outside monitor, is all you seek. And I like it. This is not to say, though, that I never have problems with it. But... it's no longer available. I bought one on eBay because the newer LaCrosse models are too simplistic or too cutesy for my taste. Hopefully YMMV.
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