Connecting MIDI Keyboard to iPad
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I am trying to connect an M-Audio KeyStudio MIDI keyboard to a 2017 iPad with the lightening connector. I tried it using the Apple Lightening to USB Camera Adapter, however I got an error message saying that the keyboard was drawing too much power. I am guessing that I need some kind of device that goes between the keyboard and the iPad, like an iRig device, but I am not sure what to get.

Other details:

The MIDI Keyboard uses a cable like this to connect to my Macbook (A male to B male).

Also, I read this, but I would like to avoid this workaround if I can. Ultimately, what I am trying to do is to use my MIDI keyboard to use the Sunrizer app on my iPad.

Thanks, as always for your help.
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You might have luck with a powered USB hub. Those have their own power supply, so devices attached to them won't draw from the iPad. Assuming this is just a power thing, that is.

But I see the unpowered hub workaround is something you'd rather not do. So I guess adding another cord doesn't appeal?
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I just now tried the unpowered USB hub workaround, and it does work very well. I just don't want to do anything that might shorten the life of the iPad in any way.
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Seconding the powered USB hub. If you have a monitor laying around with a powered USB hub on it that may do the trick too?
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Well, with the powered hub, it shouldn't be drawing power, and just be sending data signals.
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Was in the same predicament recently. A powered USB hub solved the issue. I'm using this one.

(Current setup is iPad Air w/ MPK Mini fwiw)
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Thanks everyone. A powered hub it is. I appreciate your help.
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Often it will still work despite the error, fyi, and its very unlikely to damage your ipad.
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In this situation, I've used an unpowered hub and it worked just fine as well.
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The solution I finally adopted was to purchase a midi to bluetooth adaptor like this - and install the free app midimittr - that gives me a wireless, low latency connection that allows me to connect any iPad app which supports midi. The keyboard MIDI output itself powers the adaptor.
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