Why can't I use a foot peeling mask while breastfeeding?
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I have some heinous callouses on my feet and loved using a foot peeling mask in the past, but now I noticed that the product descriptions warn not to use them while nursing. My newborn baby gets 80-90% breastmilk most days.

The advertised foot peeling masks (e.g. example) all claim to use only botanical, all natural ingredients. I know there are certain herbs you can't ingest while nursing, but these foot masks are just going on my feet for an hour!
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The papain in them has been found to cause miscarriage and birth defects. It's also a natural blood thinner.

In people with clotting disorders (and infants' bodies are extremely susceptible to internal bleeding from minor injuries,) it can cause excessive, unstoppable bleeding.

There's also the factor that papain comes from papaya, which can be highly allergenic.
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This may sound odd, but why not soak your feet for a while, then shave them? I use a cheap disposable razor in the summer, as my feet get very calloused when I wear sandals. (be careful ) You have to clear out the skin quite often, but it's amazing how well it works. Or you can buy one of those 40.00 smoother things in the drugstore, if you prefer. Then put lotion on your feet and thick socks.
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