Is there an App for that?
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In a nutshell - I want to leave trinkets in places and have people who happen to pick them up and keep them easily send me comments or pictures about how they like/use them (if they are so generous to do so). However, I am an old and know almost nothing about social media and only the bare minimum about facebook. Is there a social media platform that will let me do this? Preferably other than facebook, but if that's my only real option, ok. Instagram? Thanks!
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I think Instagram would be perfect for this.

1) Take pictures of something, then hide the something
2) Give clues on your instagram account, along with a very specific tag (#WinterSolsticeHiddenGoodie or whatever)
3) Someone finds it
4) Takes a picture of it, tags it, posts it, rehides it, someone else finds it

Or something like this.
It sounds fun, and like the 2nd cousin of GeoCaching.
I'm sure someone else smarter on this website will have a better solution :)
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Do you want the messages from the trinket-finders to be visible to the whole internet, or just private messages to you? If private messages are okay, maybe you could attach a tag to the item with your email address (or, if you prefer, a separate email address that you create for this purpose).
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Bookcrossing is similar but it only deals in books.
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Nathan Fillion does this using Instagram.
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Seems like making a QR code, containing the URL of your Instagram/Twitter/Etc, and attaching the code to the item you want them to respond to, and have more instructions in the 'comment/profile' of the webpage you're sending them to, would be the simplest. Most cameraphones will go right to a QR code URL automatically.
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Maybe you'd enjoy geocaching? wikipedia
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Yes I would want the comments/pics to be public. Instagram and QR code seem like a super interesting idea!
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