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I want to try out the Sesame Enable app to see if I can control a smartphone with my limited head movement, but I've queried my network and no one I know has an Android 7 or newer phone; only iPhones or older Android models. Are there any stores in the NYC/NJ area that would let me try it out before buying?

I think I would need a good half-hour to an hour trying things out to be sure I could access all the important functions. I've contacted the company, but they don't have a presence near New York City, and I doubt I can make it down to their office in Maryland until late next year.
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You might try the Samsung "not a flagship" store for a Galaxy phone that runs Android 7. Or any major cell network provider's store front. Be aware they are all trying to get you signed onto a one or two year contract.

Someplace like Best Buy might also have staff willing and able to assist you in learning about a phone.

If the parts of the app that you want to try require purchases, you might consider buying a Google Play gift card at the store and using that to "pay" for what is needed at that time. The trick is finding an Android 7 phone that they will let you install the app on. They tend to have a personal phone that is "latest and greatest", and I hope they would use that to help you.

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