Can I eat this? Thawed frozen spinach edition.
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I put a block of frozen spinach in the fridge a week ago. It’s still sealed in its original bag. Can I use it to make a baked spinach bread appetizer? Or will it end in tears?
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In my experience, that spinach didn’t even thaw to fridge temp for 48-72hours; it has very high insulation and specific heat.

Then, you had sealed, never-opened spinach at fridge temp for 4-5 days. The usda says fresh spinach lasts for 3-5 days in the fridge, and that’s for eating raw.

I would totally bake that and eat it.

(No food can be proven totally safe, especially via hearsay. Your risk aversion may vary. I sometimes wonder why MeFi hasn’t starved to death, due to throwing out all food that isn’t picked or killed within the hour)
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I guess what I'd worry about is the fact that the spinach has been frozen, which has already made it mushy by rupturing some of the cell walls, and then it's been sitting there at fridge temperature in an already-mushy state, probably getting more broken down, like the spinach leaves that are left at the very end of a bag/pack/bunch. It's not so much that it would be terrible for you as that it would be kind of blech, is what I'd feel.
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This is based on intuition, not science or experience, but here goes. I would toss that and I've drunk Nile water. Just as another point of reference.
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In your shoes, I'd open it and give it a good sniff. If it doesn't smell bad, I'd go ahead and bake it.
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I generally err far on the side of caution in these situations. (My husband would say past reason.) But is it so difficult to toss it and buy another? A block of frozen spinach is quite cheap. Especially if you're going to feed it to other people. But again, I'm perhaps unreasonable about "should I eat it" questions.
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I eat most old stuff, even off the floor, but wouldn't want that spinach .. too much tissue degradation, aside from any potential toxicity.
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