Best paint by numbers app for iPad
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I recently discovered I really enjoy paint-by-numbers apps like Pixel Art. Pixel Art, however, is riddled with tons of ads, and you can’t purchase the game outright, only sign up for a $7/week (!) subscription. It seems like this is th per case for most of the other apps I see in the App Store. Does anyone know of a similar app I can buy, without having to pay an ongoing subscription fee?
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It's so funny you asked this; I recently discovered these too and downloaded every one that I could find in search of the least obnoxious. I haven't found any that don't operate on an ad and/or subscription basis, but the best I've found in terms of least ads, most playable for free, best controls & best art quality have been Sandbox, Unicorn and Pixel Color. Also, some of these will let you play without ads in airplane mode.
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I tried a couple of cross-stitch apps before realising I didn't really like the paint-by-numbers aspect so much, but it does seem that some are ad-free. Another suggestion if you like blocks of colour is I Love Hue. You do have to figure out which colours go where but you may still find it satisfying.
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Thanks for the suggestion to play in Airplane mode, genessee! It solved many of my annoyances with several of the programs.
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