How do I get rid of these search suggestions?
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When I click on the address bar in Safari on my iPhone, I’m given suggested search terms based on the content of the page. I’m a recent survivor of sexual assault, and sometimes the suggested search terms are distressing to me, as in this example. How do I turn these suggestions off? I do not want to turn off typing suggestions in general, as I use those extensively.
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There’s a preference you can disable called “Include search engine suggestions.” My version of Safari has it in a slightly different place from the one in this guide, but it worked for me.
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Just noticed you specified iOS. The same setting can be found in the Settings app (silver gear icon) under “Safari”.
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I already have that turned off. It doesn’t seem to affect this behavior; I still get the suggestions.
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Aren't the suggestions in that position on the screen the autocomplete word suggestions, not Siri search suggestions? General > Keyboard > Predictive.
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But I want predictive text in general; that’s primarily how I type on my phone. I just don’t want these search suggestions. Is there no way to get rid of one without getting rid of the other?
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What I was saying is that I don't think those words in the screenshot that you're trying to avoid are search suggestions, but predictive text, because that's the spot on the screen where predictive text appears. I also can't replicate the screenshot, via going to the same Safari screen. No suggested words appear in that spot where they appear in your screenshot.

This might be inconvenient, but try clearing the Safari history and web site data. Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data near the bottom of the page.
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I don’t imagine that will change anything, as the suggestions seem to be created from the content of the page I’m currently on.
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You might try temporarily turning off predictive text, just to test whether that's the source of the problem.
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They do seem to go away when I turn off predictive text. 😞
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Found a thread on discussing the same problem a few months ago, and nobody had a solution other than switching browsers.
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I really wish I didn’t have to essentially break my phone to avoid this.
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Looks like it's a Safari "feature" specifically. Yeah, try using a different browser like Firefox.
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In a quick test, it looks like you can avoid this by switching to a third party keyboard. The one I use is Swiftkey.
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