Looking for some happy creative projects
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I'd like to do as many as possible lighthearted creative projects this year, so I'm looking for (adult) project ideas/tutorials. I thought making a bunch of critters would be fun, robots, aliens, dinosaurs, monsters, fairies, octopuses, etc...non-critter project ideas welcome also!

I love these clay monsters, and if there are instructions on something like Unorthodox Taxidermy that would be awesome. Mark Kistler's draw-3d is in the same spirit of fun, as are some of the projects on the EPBOT blog. More blogs along the same lines would be awesome! The more styles/materials the better...papercraft? welded? steampunk? mobiles? I'm willing to buy tools/materials, although things like a kiln might be a bit much. Thanks!
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You might like cyanotypes! There are several different sizes and either paper or fabric as the support, but here's one example of a few different items you can buy for it.
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I've been wanting to make this bat at Ravensblight for years. There are lots of other projects on the site as well and most, if not all, are free.
I've actually made this little dragon illusion, it's quick and easy and really amazing.
This little dog robot says it's for kids but I want one.
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If you knit or crochet, amigurumi is right up your alley. There are nearly 15,000 free patterns for knit or crocheted critters on the Ravelry site alone, ranging from straightforward things like kitties and birdies to things like porgs, baby Groots, random objects like Christmas lights or trucks or planes, and even things like a diorama of the 2016 presidential debates or penes or Cthulu. Some of the amigurumi does tend towards the twee (things often tend to have cutesy faces), but you can either leave the cute faces off, or just narrow down your search to things like recreating the Tardis or knitting up a literal F Bomb. The patterns there are at all levels of difficulty (I should note that there were six Tardis patterns alone, at all skill levels).

If you don't knit or crochet, this may be impetus to learn; although some of the patterns may be tricky for a beginner. If you don't knit or crochet and don't want to learn, some of the patterns may be inspiration to apply to pompoms instead: making a shit-ton of pompoms is pretty easy, whether you go old-school with a pattern you cut out yourself out of cardboard or whether you get one of the super-fancy pompom template tools that exist. If you don't want to knit a bird, then maybe make a couple pompoms, glue them together with some cut-out cardboard feet and googly eyes and do a bird that way.
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Some ideas of adorably wacky crafts:

- Rob Ive’s paper crafts, like the flying pig. Paper automata folks in general have quite the sense of humor, so if that appeals to you, it might be worth poking around for other artists too.

-Mochimochi’s knitted monsters Should be an okay beginner project, with some patience.

-YouTube videos for making sculpey clay monsters. Sculpey clay is really forgiving, and once you get started you can quickly move onto original creations.

Happy crafting!
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There is also subversive cross stitch. An image search shows a lot that is just offensive but some is really funny. It's easy to design your own with graph paper.
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I love Subversive Cross Stitch! Her Deluxe Kits contain everything you need to start.

Also, I would highly recommend making wreaths. It's so nice to come home from a long day to a pretty wreath on your door. Search on Pinterest and you'll find wreaths for every style and theme.
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Paper mache
Rain drawing
Junk art
You are on Pinterest, right?
(scroll down).
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I have been doing tiny weavings on a small circular cardboard loom and it is intensely satisfying. I got some yarn, fabric and trims from the creative reuse store, and have been going to town making tiny things.
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