How do I accurately describe this familial relationship?
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Hi. I'm wondering how I accurately describe this 19th century dude's relationship to me. Detail inside.

My great-great grandmother had a sister who married a dude. I guess the sister would be my great-great-great aunt; would the dude be my great-great-great uncle?

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Yup. In English, we don't have different words for uncles/ aunts by blood vs. their spouses, who are your uncles/ aunts by marriage. I'm pretty sure that other languages and cultures differentiate between those relationships, but we use the same word for both.
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Here's a related thread about aunt/uncle titles on English Language & Usage Stack Exchange. It also reinforces the above.
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If you wanted you could say "My great-great-great uncle by marriage" but you are not inaccurate leaving off "by marriage".
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Thanks everybody!
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wouldn't that be an uncle-in-law?
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