Help me find a plant for desert shade
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My parents live in St. George, Utah (Sunset zone 10, USDA zone 9?) and have tasked me with choosing a plant for their desert landscape.

Most of the rest of their yard is succulents or things like Texas Ranger and oleander but apparently nothing will grow in this shady spot next to their garage. I work in a nursery but my knowledge is all about Pacific Northwest horticulture, so I really don't have a clue here - I was thinking a Sansevieria would look nice (it is a small narrow space, they used to have an ice plant but there wasn't enough sun) but I don't know if it would get fried in the over-100° summer days (and it definitely wouldn't take a frost). If it were me I'd just put a statue or a nice pot there, but they really want a plant. So desert gardeners, any ideas for small drought tolerant plants that will take both shade and heat?
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Prickly Pear cactus. It blooms and makes fruits. It is hardy, and drought tolerant. I have seen them in full bloom, at 5000 feet altitude, in May on the red desert.
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Jupiter's Beard, will grow in a shade environment, bloom, and tolerate heat. They are perennial plants. They bloom white or pink.
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Grapes come red or white , and do pretty well. Steel livestock panels make easy no worry trellis .
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