YANMD but should I be worried?
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Is this eyelid swelling something I should be concerned about? Pics inside

I’m out of town and unable to get to my doctor’s until next week. The last few days I’ve had this eyelid swelling and yesterday morning was very bad, I could barely open my eyes. Is this something I should be urgently worried about. If not, what can I do about it?

Top, today.
Second from top, at its worst yesterday
Second from bottom, Christmas Eve, the night before it started to swell
Bottom, a few weeks ago

-I had been eating low carb (lost 40lbs) until Christmas Eve and had sweets. Next morning, little eyelid swelling. Showered for party.
-Christmas Day: Lasagna, some sweets, definitely not low carb
-Tuesday:some swelling but minor. Figured it was the carbs. Ate low carb but ended up binging on chocolate before bed. (I’ve had a bad relationship with food. Am triggered and lasted a few days)
-Wednesday: minor swelling. Feeling super depressed, super negative, bloated all over. Ate low carb all day, not my usual under 30g but did stay away from the chocolate. Did have quite a bit of bacon this day .. so salt was up? Depression and anger and sadness is over the top. Spent part of the night bawling.
-Thursday: Eyes are really swollen and I can barely open them. Figure it was not the carbs but the crying. Ate low carb and did not eat chocolate. Depression makes me not want to shower, so I think maybe it’s my dirty hair? Finally shower. No crying.
-Friday: Eyes swell up a bit see pic.. can’t be haír or pillowcase as they are clean.is it stress? No crying the night before so I figure I have no clue what’s going on.. End of the day consider perhaps not drinking enough water, too much salt? Mouth is dry, lips are dry. Is it allergy? Take one Benadryl.
-Saturday: minor swelling see pic. So I took Benadryl night before, so it’s not allergy or it would have fixed it right? Only thing I ate each day was bacon (but different brands) and eggs, but I eat eggs everyday with no problem.. Other than that I ate variety. I wouldn’t swell up from not eating enough veggies right? I’m at a loss. Not in pain today just feel swollen.

Sorry for the wall of text. But any insight is very much appreciated
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Best answer: I had a similar thing happen to me a couple weeks ago. Is it tender at all? I went to the doctor and she told me that it was a minor infection of my lash line which can be just random. She told me to not wear any makeup at all, take a benadryl if I want (even though I didn't bc groggy), and do hot compresses (I just did hot water on a cloth pressed to my eye until it went cold, then repeat a few times, every couple hours). Might not have anything to do with your diet. Went away within a day or two.
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Best answer: I wouldn't be worried if there's no specific pain. You can try taking an antihistamine for a few days in case it's seasonal (or extremely-cold-weather-induced, if that's your current climate) allergies; it doesn't have to be benadryl, a lot of people prefer Zyrtec or Allegra.

Also for a few days don't wear eye makeup or contacts if you can avoid it, hydrate, change your pillowcase often, get good sleep. Occasionally I get swelling like that when I have an impending stye, but mostly I see it when I'm bloated or my seasonal allergies are bad (which makes my face puffy) and then I sleep favoring one side all night so the puffiness is distinctly different between the two sides of my face.

Also, given the crying etc is it possible you've got a period incoming? My PMS is often worst in the shortest-daylight part of the year, with extra water retention and horrible moodiness.

If a stye is coming on (usually the base of one eyelash will be unmissably sore), hot compresses are better, but if it's just puffiness you might do a cold washcloth or a soft gel ice pack wrapped in soft fabric, while laying flat on your back, a couple times a day.
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It could well be environmental allergies and Benadryl wouldn’t make it go away like magic. Can you get to a walk in clinic? Could you can your doctor and ask what you should do? An Ask A Nurse line through your insurance? That’s what I would recommend.
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The swelling is decreasing so I don't see a point in seeing someone if it continues toward resolution. But I will say that looks like either a) a low-key infection (which, no panic -- your body is literally designed to fight off infection, this is what your immune system does); b) a low-key allergic reaction, and I don't understand why you're not taking more than one dose of Benedryl. It's hardly going to hurt.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I’ve never had an allergic reaction like this before so I had no idea what to do. I know Benadryl knocks you out and was worried about asking too much and having a one year old to watch. So a pharmacist recommended another allergy medicine to try. Thanks again for your help!
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I totally get that whenever I eat stuff with major artificial flavour, like those delicious gourmet jelly beans. I look like my bf dumped me and I've been crying for a week.
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The picture second from the top looks like what happens to my eyes if I stay in the same room with somebody wearing whatever chemical weapon is the basis for the smell of Axe deodorant.

That sensitivity didn't come on until I was in my mid-twenties.

Are you using anything strongly scented? If so, is it new to you?
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I’ve had that same look before! My eye doc said that along with probably having an allergic reaction to something, that some sort of duct (maybe the tear duct?) or gland in my upper eyelid was clogged up with discharge. He said goo, but same idea. That’s where the warm compresses come in...putting a warm washcloth on it several times a day helps get rid of whatever is clogging that gland/duct, and once it’s unclogged it can help naturally wash away whatever irritant is in your eye.

If it continues, go visit the eye doc for some steroid eye drops to tackle the inflammation from the inside. That helped mine as well (but I have known allergies so those steroid drops helped my eyes calm down overall).
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I had a very similar problem over the holiday, although my eyes weren't white as swollen as yours. I realized that the weather had changed and it was extremely dry out and my eyes were drying out while I slept. I stopped wearing my contacts and eye makeup, and started drinking a LOT more water. On a couple evenings I boiled water on the stove and stood over it to breathe in the steam.

The symptoms subsided after about ten days, although it's still extremely dry out.
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