Trying to find obscure 80's tune
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Obscure 80's tune--been looking for an answer for years! I used to be a DJ, and play a track by a guy who *sounded* like Springsteen. (Trust me, this wasn't Bruce) The only thing I have to go on is partial lyrics: "...what's it gonna be tonight? Red wine, maybe white. And if we're gonna fight, then we're gonna fight...(something something) down on the corner..." I *think* the name of the track was "On the Corner". (No, not CCR!)

This is one of those lost tracks. I had put it onto a cassette, and my (at the time) girlfriend's brother borrowed the tape. He ended up accidentally erasing half of the first song; *this* song that I have never been able to trace.

No luck with any search engine, lyric search, etc.

Thanks to anyone that could help!
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I don't know the song, but these come to mind as sounding the most like Springsteen from that era:

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes

Joe Grushecky and the [Iron City] Houserockers

Maybe they ring a bell?
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John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band (a.k.a. Eddie and the Cruisers) sounded A LOT like Springsteen and had a song called "On the Darkside" -- but it otherwise doesn't quite match.

It's a total stab in the dark, but when you think forgotten 80's Springsteen soundalikes, they're pretty much #1 on my list.
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I just ran the phrase "On the corner" through my P2P and a band named Seaquence was the only return. The album is called Mix Faze, it's from 1980, and the song is "On the Corner". Sound familiar? I could download it if it rings a bell...

Edit: Two more returns (I'm eliminating anything obvious like Miles Davis and CCR etc) - a band called Brooklyn Dreams from the 70s/80s did a song called On the Corner, and a band called Celibate Rifles did a song called "Back on the Corner" from an album called Sideroxylon.
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There is a guy named Bill Chinook who is from Jersey, and sounds a little like the Springsteen ( voice and style). He also did that Maxwell House Coffee song. Can't find much about him on the internets though.
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How about Jimmie Mack. He had an album out in 1979 called "On the Corner."
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Response by poster: Good suggestions, gang! I'm going to have to do some digging. Maybe one of the above will get me in the right direction!

Thanks for your help! (btw, If I *ever* find that cassette tape, I'll rip it and post it!)
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In "Don't Call Me Bruce," Rick Springfield claimed that people often confused him with Bruce Springsteen, but that was probably wishful thinking.
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kirkaracha -- before Born in the USA, that did happen.
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