How do I bed?
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So, I'm thinking of buying a bed. I'd use it for sleep and lounging around on any time I'm at home. Budget is probably under 500$. I have... No idea what I'm doing!

I'm 5'11, 235 lbs (ish). I like a pretty firm bed and sleep on my stomach. I currently use a twin coil spring mattress (5 years old? 10? Hopefully not more than10) on a metal frame. Upgrading size is not desirable.

I read/watch movies on my phone in bed, on my back. I often spend several hours relaxing in my bed, so sleep and lounging comfortably is both important.

I could be talked into a higher priced mattress if it's Absolutely Life Changing. But I don't have any specific complaints about the current mattress. I just suspect that there is a better option. Is there?
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I go 6'3" 255 and my foam mattress from online has totally failed. It has a sunken hole that can not be escaped from.

Every online mattress factory will try to talk you into buying one, but don't. Unless it is 5lb foam, maybe listen. 4lb foam will fail if you are around 200lbs, ask me how much it will. It's way more than the 2" warranty, and still no new mattress if you do a warranty thing. Even with pictures.

They peddle things for normal people, you aren't.

It's all foam "mattresses" rolled up in a box online.

You need springs, and holy shit do I need them too. You need a real mattress and I hope to hell you find a good one so you can hit me back.
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After a lot of research on value/quality we landed on Costco. Good luck!
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I have a Casper that I really love that replaced a 15 year old mattress. Their original mattress is $550 for a twin. It looks like they have an “Essential” mattress that goes for significantly less. If you’re thinking about an “internet” mattress, check out the Wirecutter review - they talk about firmness and sleeping position.

However, I use my bed similarly to you, and I find what’s ON the bed can made a big difference. A nice, thick mattress pad add comfy-ness without diminishing firmness too much. Blankets or covers you really like help, too. In winter I have a down comforter that is warm and cozy and crinkles in an auditorily pleasing way. I have a blanket with satin binding that is satisfying to touch. Also, new pillows are a great treat, and you should have a lot of them. I have six regular (not decorative) pillows on a queen size bed. For a twin, I’d go with three.

If you don’t have a charging cord for your phone that is long enough to reach your preferred lounging positions, that’s an easy and satisfying fix.
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On not-preview, I am a lot smaller than you (5’7”, 160 lbs). My boyfriend weighs about 250, but he only sleeps on the bed a few nights a week, and occasionally lounges on it. That said, I’ve had it since May with no problems.
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It might help to know what is wrong with your current bed that you are considering buying a new one?
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I'm only slightly smaller than you and did pretty darned well at Ikea for something comfortably within your price range, albeit seven years ago. Nothing fancy but it works -- my body likes it. Came with a solid return policy and a 25 year warranty.
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We’re looking too. I am your height, also often a belly sleeper, and prefer a rather firm bed. I’d read about Nest mattresses and we happen to be in a metro area for the holidays, so we went to the showroom yesterday. We flopped around on everything. I’m pretty sold. I even thought their Love & Sleep medium was just as comfortable as another option that is twice the price. I found the firm to be just a tad too firm, and the medium just right. A twin is in your budget. If you can, visit a store and try one out (if not, I hear there’s a network of Airbnbs that partner with them so people can sleep a night on one, and maybe get a discount code or something). I can’t speak to others, but Purple is another brand that seems worth looking at, though having actually been able to lay down on the Nest beds yesterday gives them the edge.

We will probably order one once we’re back home. It will arrive rolled up in a box. It will replace our standard mattress and box springs and will go directly on the slat platform.

They had awfully nice pillows too, FWIW.
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I have yet to be disappointed, even years later, with buying the next-to-cheapest mattress&foundation set at the closest bed store.

I could be talked into a higher priced mattress

They're counting on this, at your local bed store. Ignore the pitch and insist on the almost-cheapest, you'll be fine. Note you'll be getting a foundation instead of a boxspring, the former is lighter, and cheaper.
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It took me an embarrassing number of mattress store visits to come crawling back to Ikea. I doubt I'll ever buy a mattress anywhere else. They're cheap and well made and you don't have to spend time with smarmy salesmen. (Like all things at Ikea, it's a good idea to aim for one around or above the median price for a category. But that's easily in the below $500 range.)
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Are you also wanting a bed frame? For years, my headboard was an old foam mattress, folded in 1/2, held in place by the metal frame. It was super comfy for reading in bed. I use a music stand to hold a tablet for watching video.
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Obus Forme brand mattresses are amazing. I'm on my third in about 15 years and only got rid of the other two due to upgrading the size- they were perfectly fine structurally. I share the bed with a partner in your size range, we also love to lounge, and we have zero complaints.

My advice is to buy the biggest size you can, as you'll probably want to size-up long before the mattress fails.
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First and foremost, spend your money on a good platform. I had metal frames and box springs for years and they always crapped out. Got a good solid platform and a fair priced mattress. Had the whole shooting match for more than 15 years and no problems. I've also learned don't buy a pillow top. After time the pillow top disintegrates and it gets "nesty". You can't flip them and even turning them doesn't make much difference. Get a mattress thats the same on both sides so you can flip them and turn them at least once a month.
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Jacen, I am happy with my bed from Texas Mattress Makers. They have beds at all price points and they just opened a showroom in Katy if you don't feel like schlepping to the Third Ward.

Best advice is to try before you buy.
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